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Damn Facebook. It kept showing me products from Fabfurnish until I gave in. You may have read the Fabfurnish review by now. The ads have not stopped, but now new stores are added to the list every day. I didn’t know there are so many ecommerce sites in India.

The latest one being Yepme. The ads were bombarded, and then a few friends bought from them too. So, came the sponsored posts. What got me to bite was their prices. Everything seemed to be below five hundred bucks. I was more curious than interested in shoes that came for Rs.499. They didn’t look bad. They must have hired good designers. So, these are sensitive, smart people. So, how bad can the products be….on and on I thought before succumbing to the temptation.

Yepme has a reasonable user interface and good product photographs. They are not critical factors but add to the confidence that one needs to place an order. I selected a decent pair and ordered.

yepme review

As always, I paid in advance with credit card. Many will advise against it, but I have somehow gotten used to it. There was an added incentive too – 25% discount on paying online. They hand out massive deals just like that, that too on very cheap products! They also have other payment delivery systems, such as cash on delivery etc.

Order Confirmation
There are no delivery estimations based on pin code as other sites have done. Their delivery is handled by Delhivery logistics, with which I don’t have a great experience. Thankfully, this time, there were no issues. There is a order tracking page on the site but it’s better tracked from the Delhivery site.

The order showed processing for 2 days but was delivered within 6 days. Not the fastest these days, this was around Christmas, so will give them the benefit of doubt. Then there was an intimation about the fog in Delhi and delays etc too.

yepme delivery

The product packaging was standard. Nothing too excessive like that of Snapdeal or attractive like Zovi, but the product was safe and that’s job well done.

Overall experience
I placed the order a day before Christmas, on 24th. And, it was delivered on 30th. The order tracking as you can see is not the most helpful, but works.

As per the product, it proved again that if something is too good to be true, may be, it is. The shoe, though incredibly cheap for the price, seemed to have been made out of cardboard. The sole was some cheap plastic. The shoe is not that bad for the price. If that’s your budget, go ahead. If not, buy from somewhere else.

Any special mentions
When you create an account on the site, there is a field for “My website or blog”. I am not sure if that is an effort to identify bloggers etc, but I didn’t want to disclose and that is the first time I saw something like it.

The site doesn’t get a definite thumb up or down. It’s just that I ordered an incredibly cheap product and it was not all that bad or good. But, if you are looking for something that looks good and is cheap, this is the site.

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  • Muthu

    I placed an order, but the order still inprocess, no update since 20days.! Payment is done , but not sure when is that going to reach me. WORST website

  • Nisha Menon Pattem

    Customer service of yep me is pathetic.According to return policy, the product was sent by me through courier to their delhi office.I have 5-6mails for tracking my refund.They are not providing any reply.Amazon is way better.I would never ever buy from yep me as dont refund customer “s money if product is returned .They are fraud.

  • Meghna

    It is the worst shopping online site. Customer care is not at all supportive. The calls are always ringing. Client has to ship the product to teh company from their pocket and there is no guarantee if client will receive the product or no.

  • bhavesh

    It’s the worst online shopping brand, Yepme shopping service gives a bad service to the customer…. They are cheating the customers.. i have requested more than 15 times for refund before 3 month ago but not yet paid my mony…..

  • Santosh Desai

    mera order 12 Dec 2016 me reject hua tha aaj tak money refund nahi aaya

  • Mohammad Vali Basha


  • Nachiappan Rajendran

    Worst shop don`t buy from them. There return policy are not upto the mark.

  • Sumit Rabhadiya

    Worst online shopping site, I ordered 2 jeans and order was not even verified until i did not call then after 10 days. and then they did verified my order but never dispatch my order. after all this i just cancelled my order and now decided will never buy anything from Yepme. (my order# 30986392)

  • soumya metya

    Never buy from Yepme…brought a watch and it didnot worked from the 1st day. Just waste of money

  • Debasmita Banik

    This is the pathetic website I have come across.. Normally I always place my orders either from Myntra or Flipkart but trsuting any new website like yours is such a mistake.. If this is the way how you treat and misguide your customers I wonder if you will get any business in future!! Atleast not from my end and I will make sure none of my friends, family or my colleagues uses this site! Disgusting customer service and disgusting solution provided.. You people take money just like that. When your representatives don’t possess any knowledge regarding the site then it useless for us to call them for our queries and would request not to call it a “Customer Care”.. In the last couple of months I had spoken with many executives none of them could help me out, they place the call on hold and the wait never ends.. Nobody is least bothered.. Atlast spoke with an executive Ms Pratibha she seemed to listen to my query and confirmed that I will receive my complete refund along with the courier charges but now they say they wont!! In clear words I do not want any coupon code from you guys you should have mentioned before when I about to parcel back to your office address courier charges will not be provided in case more than Rs 150 or you people provide coupon codes instead. I spent Rs 260 to courier the parcel and you people are making fun and not ready to return my money.

    * In one word this site WORTHLESS

  • Santhu Ramaiah

    its a worst and wast and its products are all duplicate and they are all liers dont trust this Yepme Online they are not responding correcty

  • r

    ?I have booked on a pair of formal shoes with the offer of one plus one for Rs.499/- and received them on 12-May-2015. AWB number was 15127384006. As I didn’t find the shoes comfortable I refunded the same with a courier charge of 360 INR as they confirmed they will refund my amount along with courier charges. But they dropped me a mail saying they 647 INR has been processed through PayU on 01-July-2015 instead of refunding 809 INR along with courier charges. Apart from this they didn’t provide any information where my refund is. When I approached the customer care yesterday they said it is transferred initially, but when said I didn’t get they responded saying it will be done by yesterday evening. But when I approached them again today day they said the same story and when I informed the same, now they are asking me to submit my bank statement for confirmation.
    AWB number – 15127384006

    Order no – 13450068

  • Kumar

    I’ve bought one T-Shirt and a pair of shoes, both looks great and nice to wear. I had a pleasant experience with yepme.


    Yepme shopping service gives a bad service to the customer…. They are cheating the customers.. I loss my money by purchasing from yepme..

  • bharath

    please don’t buy any thing in… really its very worst site for purchase any thing… if its pre paid oder they wont deliver your product. they will eat your money. i am the example for that. i bought still no responce, Even i raised complaint my complain numbers are 1751568 and 1753632. Dear Users avoid while online shopping

  • Consumer

    I ordered one buy one get shoes at cost is rs.499 but they will add 198 tx total cost rs 700. shoe quality is very bad and size is vary with the actual size, fully disappointed at yepme shopping. I wish you gud luck if you want to wast your money.

  • Abhinandan Jain

    I placed 2 orders viz. 12810541 on 31 3 15 and the other one 12842549 on 2 4 15. Both the above orders are not fulfilled till now. They always say that it is a third party order hence helpless. Whenever I contact the said third party they inform that the order has not been forwarded by YEPME. They have my money in advance and neither supplying goods nor refunding my money. I have contacted them on their customer care several times but nothing has been done so far.

  • Brijraj Singh

    Yepme is worst place to shop with…return policy is pathetic…i’ll never buy anything from here…

  • Ali

    Yepme( is the worst online shopping experience I ever had. I made a biggest mistake that I didn’t read reviews first before placing the order. Please do not waste your money and give your hard money to these cheaters. And paypal wasn’t helpful either. They didn’t return my money either 🙁 I am so disgusted and feel like crying 🙁

  • Amitabh

    Yepme Sucks. I ordered a pair of shoe and sole came out just after wearing it. The refund policy is also very bad. Very bad experience. Also, product was delivered at 8 PM on Saturday at office which is non-working day.


    Very stupid yepme online purchasing. i have not received my order & my credit not received after cancel order by YEPME

  • narendra

    stupid online shopping i did not recieve my order

  • abhishek

    Yepme cant refund my money..
    My order no is 4011039

    Company cant refund my money nd it was panding till 18nov 2013 so more than 1yer na I took to customer service they tell me within 7days your money will refund but sill they dont give refund.. I call her so many time not my calling expenses is similar than my actual amount very bad company service nd brand also totally 3rd grad service so dont buy any product of that typs of companies its totally cheat with customers..

  • ?????? ?????

    Horrable experience..

    i ordered shoes from on 17 september 2014..

    i got the delivery on 19 september 2014..but it was defective..

    they sended me one 9 no shoe and other one is 10 no…

    i courier the product again to them as they didnot facilate reverse pickup…and requested them to change the order..but they said to me that the shoe was out of stock….so i tell them to refund my money ….i contacted several times to their company service center about my refund but they every time tell me that after receving product our company gone through the quality check after validating quality check the refund initiated…my product reached to them on 20th september their site they said that quality check takes 2 days but they takes 5 days for quality check…till then today was 17 october 2014..yet i have not recived my payment….i called them and gave them a theat that if they didnt refund my money i file a case against them….only after that the refund reflected to my account on 3pm….never shop from one of the blunder shopping site in the internet.

  • Apurva

    Today’s update:
    I called just now and they are saying still it is in processed statge. Don’t buy.its mentally harrasment.
    Last week: Update:
    Still it is in Processing stage.

    Septmeber Update:
    Refund is in Processing stage.
    I bought sandles and shirts from
    The quality and fabric of shirt is pathetic.
    I sent back sandles for refund and size is not matching and they don’t have my size.
    I returned it by paying 150 bucks. The item is delivered to their warehouse 3rd day.
    And after that 3 months has passed and still they have not give me refund.
    I provided Tracking No., online status and DRS also.
    Everytime I call customer care, they are telling its in Progress.
    But they are not giving me refund.
    I request you not to purchase anything from this site.
    Quality and refund process is horrible.


  • Apurva

    I bought sandles and shirts from
    The quality and fabric of shirt is pathetic.
    I sent back sandles for refund and size is not matching and they don’t have my size.
    I returned it by paying 150 bucks. The item is delivered to their warehouse 3rd day.
    And after that 3 months has passed and still they have not give me refund.
    I provided Tracking No., online status and DRS also.
    Everytime I call customer care, they are telling its in Progress.
    But they are not giving me refund.
    I request you not to purchase anything from this site.
    Quality and refund process is horrible.


  • Diya

    It’s the worst online shopping brand!..I ordered a white watch and the watch was NOT EVEN working when it reached me! I registered a complaint in yepme site and sent the watch back!..After calling customer care they even told me that they have recieved my watch and refund wud be done! But pure form of cheating…i dint get it yet!I told them my complaint number 763886..and they say they provide best products…probably A DEAD WATCH !!!!!!!

    • diya

      I’ll probably approach the consumer court else these frauds ll keep cheating

    • Firoz khan

      Yes i have not got refund till now i m just callimg them since so long but they are just not replying correctly…i have suggesting each and every body donot shop on yepme ….never never again ….n if anybody has order something then cancel it right now

  • vinay

    i bought a formal shoes, from Yepme good design but very bad smell, it dint lost even after 2 weeks. i had very bad experience from this. initially when i got the courier, i wanted to open & check, but the courier boy told, we do not have permission for yepme. so please sign & take your product. i did the same, now i am suffering of the bad smell. I requested them to change, let me check how fast they do the service.

  • ngl78sunny

    YepMe cheating Customers. I placed my order on 8th May 2014, order no.6803566, online payment done but after 2 days when i checked the status of my order, it was showing that order cancelled by customer. & When I called the helpline they told that your order got cancelled & you will get the refund within 10 day’s & given me the complaint no 717133. But since then I am waiting for my refund & whenever I call the helpline, they say that it will take 5 more day’s to get the status from our finance department. Today also (4th July 2014) same way they told that it will take 5 more day’s because they have not got any response from finance dept. Already 2 months over but not got the refund. Now i think there is only one way left to go to consumer Court for the solution.

  • ???? ?????? is the worst online shopping site I have ever seen…. It takes 20 days to process my order… And after 3 days one of the items in my order has been cancelled automatically without my knowledge.. I had a conversation with yepme customer care. They assure that they will dispatch the remaining items of my order shortly.. But finally the status is showing “RETURNED”..

    Can anyone give me information regarding this???

    Also I am interested in filing a case against this website for wasting my time on placing an order and keep on tracking the same…

    My order Id is:7343235

    My Mobile Number: 9788864442


    Help me to file a case on consumer court against this YEPME.COM…

    • ?????? ?????

      just call them nd said them u will file a case on them.. and u know that their office was centurium plaza gurgaon…

  • jayanth

    i have ordered a casual shirt from yep me online which cost around 499 they show as if it resembles a quality product but after getting delivery which is very cheap quality no value for money .

  • D.Karunakaran

    i have ordered for three sarries vide order no 6167717 dt 31/03/14.but they send only two sarries.i have send too many complaints through mail and through phone.some customer care people talked with me and asked details about the missing sarri. but after 3 months gone but no action was taken.they are cheating us.please dont buy anything from this on line store D.Karunakaran

  • biju

    delivery toooo late ,irresponsible fellows on delivery

  • Nitin

    i brought 2 pair of shoes from yep me and paid cash on delivery but when i wore them they were very uncomfortable and the quality was even worse then a road side product, so i called the customer care and asked for a replacement or refund and i was shocked to hear that i will have to send them back on my own and that also in a week other wise they wont help me in any condition i really felt cheated and decided to keep the product and not to shop on yepme again but when i wore one pair for hardly 2 times it got wrinkles all on front side and worse its getting apart from its base seems like they used some cheap glue to paste the shoes and now they falling apart i think same will happen with the other pair so people beware of these frauds all 30day return policy and 100% secure payment written on their site is completely lies and only lies and above all the product quality is so bad that u wont be able to use it for a full month after purchase..

    • gogol

      thanks dude

    • Anjali

      The same thing happened with me. Bloody frauds. In my case I bought 3 pairs of chappals. they were cheap so i knew they wpuldnt last more than one month. But within 3 uses they were rendered useless. What a sham!

      • Deepak

        Same thing happen with me, got shoes with 3 major defects. I purchased the one for rs1199 (so called yepme premium shoes) thinking they might be better than 399 or 499 shoes they are selling. But I was wrong, I have asked for refund let see how much time they will take. NO MORE YEPME PRODUCTS NOW.

    • prince

      Thanks dude i was going to by shoes. But now i will not