sindoor tree

Nature is not a story of peace or co-living. Every time someone says finding peace and love in nature, I am like bro, have you seen nature? And, then start pushing Natgeo videos. Anyway, this time I saw trees that are being murdered by trees. Like this tree, apparently fruit is used to make sindoor, was being colonised by another one. From root upwards, it is one tree. Then you see these massive tree boil sort of thing where another tree has grafted itself onto…Continue Reading “Trees are bad people”


Dear Sir, After some 17-18 years, I decided to sleep late today. Actually, an old friend made me mix my drinks and I was just pretending to be a felled log today. The bell rings. The maid knocks and says someone is at the door. She looks entertained. There are two girls at the door. Before i could wake up and my lenses could adjust, they told me how great your milk is (no milk is good, no woman would be happy giving milk that…Continue Reading “Open letter to Milkor founders”

women municipality staff pondicherry

Women are unsafe in public places. What makes them safe? More women in public places. 12am: MG Road, Pondicherry – a lone woman selling food from a cart is done for the day and starts folding up 8 am: Auroville beach – a single woman on the beach, setting up her stall, chopping pineapples 9 am: Pondy Marina – after 2 kms of empty roads, a single woman walks down the road and signals that my bike headlight is turned on. 1 am: Promenade –…Continue Reading “Women in public places. Pondicherry”

india gate ice cream

Taken for The Midnight City Project This was taken well after midnight. The city comes down to India Gate in summers for some open space, in monsoons for a walk on the grass and in winters for some warm peanuts and tea. The ice cream vendors are always there, at all times, across all seasons.

khao suey piali curry bistro

It’s a good looking place that sounds even better. A curry place in the land of curry but it won’t bore you at all. There are curries from Burma, Indonesia, Sri Lanka any many Indian states that are rarer to find in Delhi than Japanese. I was there on a day when twenty somethings were busy partying. So, the place was much louder than it usually would have been. The ambiance is nice, looks like a quaint bistro as it should. Coming to food, the…Continue Reading “Piali – the curry bistro, Connaught Place”

I know what you are thinking. When you see a beautiful woman, you think it’s too much make up. You see a great photo, and you think instagram or photoshop. Now, let me tell you, you skeptic scumbag, these photos have not been airbrushed, nor have they ever seen a software from inside. They are taken from an aeroplane and here they are, from the memory card of Kaptaan Siddhartha to your computer. The way this conversation is going, let’s not talk anymore. Monsoon skies…Continue Reading “Monsoon Sky – The kind you have not seen before”

Whoever said sky is the limit, very correctly said so. But for learning and evolving, not even sky remains the limit Unlike my regular flying days when I am confined to my cockpit playing around with numerous glittery gadgets, managing the radio contact and circumnavigating around clouds (just a few of the several tasks we, as pilots do- yes of course I am a sincere one 🙂 ), today I was traveling as a passenger in an Indigo A320 aircraft from Delhi to Mumbai. The…Continue Reading “Go Indigo go – Learning Business Mantra from a successful Aviation family”

You must be wondering that how I grew the guts to say something like that in font size twenty. Let me tell you, I am one who will fear driving a beat up Maruti 800 on a bandh day. It’s just that in this country, we have the birthright to say anything about grandpa Gandhi. Try doing that about Madam Sonia, I won’t try that. Try poking your finger into a certain Hedgewar, a Thackeray, a Modi or an Imam. These guys don’t believe in…Continue Reading “Yes sir, Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a fine real estate agent”