PVR Anupam is. It’s still the old theater with no legroom, the size of a drawing room. Just that the sounds is too loud for a small room and that is good at some times. The loos are clean and the food counters are decent too. But, more than the theater, I thought the PVR Anupam complex was dead, way past its glory days. I expected a crematorium type of scene there. But on a weekday, at 11 in the night, it was more like…Continue Reading “PVR Anupam complex is not dead”

coconut grating korana odia

This is called a korana in Odia. Koriba, the verb, would roughly translate to grating. So, a korana, theoretically, can grate anything. But, in practice, it is a single purpose tool – grating coconuts. I am not claiming this is an Odia innovation, but I am sure non-coastal folks would rarely have seen it. Once you know how to use it, it looks deceptively easy to handle. When you don’t, you call it what we call all things we don’t understand – art. In my…Continue Reading “Grating coconuts and adulthood”

If I needed friends for advices, I would have got a book of old sayings. If I needed friends for support, the corner pole would be my best pal. If I needed friends for love, I would have got a dog. If I needed friends for company, I would have got a…….friend. So company, it is. Is it ?  

puchka gupchup golgappa

There is nothing new about calls to prove your patriotism. Before all these idiotic new ones, there was the original, primal one that every east Indian would know. If you are from Bengal or Odisha and had moved to Delhi, no matter how many lifetimes back, you will walk into this question so many times that they can act as milestones for your life. Do you love puchka/gupchup or have you converted to golgappas? You see, if your answer is in favour of the first,…Continue Reading “Puchka / Gupchup or Golgappa?”

odia bengali singara

      This is the most dominant streetfood in Odisha. The vendors are everywhere, under every tree, at every bus stop, in front of every school. Everywhere. It is a breakfast item, a preferred lunch dish for some and is eaten at all hours of the day. Quite a lot goes into this too – there is the vada soaked in dahi, matar ghugni, dum alu, sev bhujia, onions and coriander for garnish and some sprinkle a spice powder. There is also a sweet…Continue Reading “Streetfood of Odisha”

vada pav delhi

The problem with delhi streetfood is that we have too much of alu chaats and too less of vada pavs and pohas and dabelis etc. We can all add items from our home states that we don’t find here. If you are in Malviya Nagar, there is this vada pav vendor, across the road from Moti Sweets. The classic vada pav in the photo came for just 35 bucks and the pav bhaji for 65. They also have a dabeli on the menu. The vada pav…Continue Reading “Vada Pav Junction, Malviya Nagar”

We are in a democracy. The parliament is called the temple of democracy. We can talk day and night about farmers and soldiers and common man and bharat mata etc. But once the parliament falls, there is no country, no nation, no Hinduism. All that would be left is a wasteland. Whether you are a right winger, left winger, centrist wingless or just scum, this is one line that you must never cross. It’s like the dining table of a family, marital bed of a…Continue Reading “Why the PM must not avoid the parliament”

I don’t remember if I heard it from a friend or read it in a study. Memory being inversely proportional to age. Anyway, the point being how so many children in the west thought milk came from cartons. No concept of a cow.   Similarly, if you ask these days, most will say that black money comes from swiss accounts or mattresses or benami properties. The same confusion, you see. Where it is is not where it came from. Black money is generated relentlessly by a…Continue Reading “Why demonetization won’t hurt black money generation”

gourmet passport

In all these years, I had never been to Social, until this weekend. The place has always been the cards but seemed too cafe-ish for a full meal. Good thing is it is not. There are items on the menu that will do well even in a proper restaurant. Though there was loads to order from, I went for the laska curry. The curry was too mild for a laska, was more like a Thai green curry with noodles. But I did not mind because…Continue Reading “Social, Defence Colony”

We, the privileged assholes should stop cribbing. Many have said that. We should only talk about bad service at five stars, no? By that logic, many should stop talking about soldiers, unless they are a soldier or a father, son or husband is a soldier. Crib only about what you have experienced, no ? But today, we should focus on the other soldier. Jai jawan, jai kisan, remember ?? These days, it is all jawan, no kisan. While I agreed to the demonetization in the…Continue Reading “Demonetization: Jai jawan, jai kisan, remember ?”

jamali kamali mosque mehrauli

The place is supposed to be haunted, I have no idea. Went there in mid day and the sum total of all the horror movies I have seen tell me that ghosts come out only at night. So, if you are looking for an account of it as a haunted place, please carry on. Or you can  head to the Rajon ki Baoli or Adham Khan tomb and Gandhak Baoli nearby. My experience of Jamali Kamali was one of intrigue and beauty. There are two structures…Continue Reading “Jamali kamali mosque and tomb, Mehrauli”

Writing stories is all about control. About letting go, but also about control. About subjecting yourself to unknown forces, but also about control. In our lives we downplay real threats as imaginary and perceived just to stay alive. On the contrary, in the fictional world of our creation, it would be hard to write if the stresses and didn’t seem real, so a writer has to exaggerate or has to heighten one’s sense of empathy, not shield it. The sense of warm, comforting control comes…Continue Reading “Story writing as a means of control”

The thing about magic, it is not a process, it is not gradual.It is instantaneous.There is no then it was all magical. It was magical or not. You don’t climb a hill and then it slowly becomes magical. It is all beautiful until you reach the peak and then look around. That’s magic. It’s quite heretical to generalise magic or to misunderstand it. If you don’t remember a singular moment when it happened, it is not magic.

Trivialization. We used to use that in school debates when all was lost. The strategy was effective as slapping one’s way out of a fistfight. But face was saved, it gave the semblance of not giving in. We have all seen posts about queues during last few hours, suddenly they are everywhere. Started with the jio sim one, now it’s movie queues, ration and what not. Indians stand in queues. What’s the big deal? 16 dead. Standing in queues and other directly relatable causes. How…Continue Reading “Why Demonetization & Trivialization are bedfellows”

I am going to write something surprising today, especially given the current calamity. A positive post. A positive post is an act of daring, it takes the writer away from the dark brooding image that is so sexy. Who wants to be seen as a garden bunny and not the dark knight! I am told women love the dark brooding types. Anyway, let me put it out. We are all used to abusing our nationality and fellow citizens. Right from the morning when we pull…Continue Reading “Demonetization: The only good thing about it”

In legal system, there is a theory that not one innocent should be punished even if ten guilty get away. In economics, there is a cost benefit analysis. In politics, there is something called gullibility. All fancy folks in office talked about their uber drivers and maids having bank accounts and digital payments. I wonder how in a country like ours there are people who are so detached from reality – it’s the poor people’s fault they are so backward na, ab kuch bada karoge…Continue Reading “The merit of currency ban”

Indian Express got a lot of flak for inviting head of a government that does not speak to media, stifles it and, for the first time in history of the world, permits policemen to burn effigies of journalists. Policemen, who have the gun and the FIR book and the power to harass, can now openly protest against citizens. Whatever the reasons Indian Express got the PM over, I wish the editor, Rajkamal Jha’s speech was not the intent. That would be wicked! After Ravish yesterday,…Continue Reading “About journalism and thinking men”