Monsoon Sky – The kind you have not seen before

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I know what you are thinking. When you see a beautiful woman, you think it’s too much make up. You see a great photo, and you think instagram or photoshop.

Now, let me tell you, you skeptic scumbag, these photos have not been airbrushed, nor have they ever seen a software from inside. They are taken from an aeroplane and here they are, from the memory card of Kaptaan Siddhartha to your computer. The way this conversation is going, let’s not talk anymore.

Monsoon skies in India are beyond drama and beauty. They are a reminder of how the earth was born. Go, get lost in the clouds.

monsoon skies

monsoon skies india

monsoon sky

monsoon sky india

  • Siddhartha

    Hi guys… Thanks for the loving response to these pictures. I took these keeping only one thing in mind. The law of conservation of energy to be applied in our real lives. I am a firm believer that our system is a closed system of constant energy which expresses it self in some form or the other at some place or the other. We humans (with a self declared claim of being the most conscious and evolved living creatures) forget that we are also small energy packets of the larger system of constant amount of energy and there may br a fair possibility that what we think that we are doing as per our conscious volition is nothing but a contextual expression amidst a whole hell lot of energy exchange that comprises the total system. Ahh… I am not sure whether I was able to express myself well. Thx everyone.

  • Now Photography at its best..Loved all the captures..

  • Indrani

    Dramatic captures!

  • Paresh Kale

    superb set of images !

  • aparna

    seems like tornado

  • Mridula

    Lovely set of images. I love that window seat.