Open letter to Milkor founders

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Dear Sir,

After some 17-18 years, I decided to sleep late today. Actually, an old friend made me mix my drinks and I was just pretending to be a felled log today. The bell rings. The maid knocks and says someone is at the door. She looks entertained.

There are two girls at the door. Before i could wake up and my lenses could adjust, they told me how great your milk is (no milk is good, no woman would be happy giving milk that way).

I protest, I tell them that i had also tried some app based milk thing and my 237 rupees are still pending with them, they stopped giving, I mean delivering, milk. One girl tells me why this won’t happen with them, the other takes a step back and takes a photo on her phone.

I know I photograph people but even my street photography is done with consent. Consent, girls? Two guys who come to give, i mean deliver, milk won’t do that to a woman! You sneakily took that liberty because i am a man. I protested, I told them that it is not right to photograph when I have unicorn hair day!

They dd not listen one bit. The other girl just brushed my protests aside, saying subah subah sab aise hi dikhte hain!!!! Ya, girl, how many you have seen who look like me??? I have been exercising at the free open air gym in the park that the govt has set up. And, you did not notice????????

That’s not the worst, she held a milk packet in her hand, came closer, posed for the camera and asked the other girl to take another pic. I did not even get time to dig my nose to ruin their pic.

I will make heavy milk based tea with your milk. I will destroy every taste and smell it has and tell myself that the milk was no good. Thanks for the free milk that i had to pay with my izzat but no thanks!

P.S. – If the photo is published anywhere, don’t think i will act all educated and sue you, I will act just like your cow and susu you.