Trees are bad people

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sindoor tree

Nature is not a story of peace or co-living. Every time someone says finding peace and love in nature, I am like bro, have you seen nature? And, then start pushing Natgeo videos.

Anyway, this time I saw trees that are being murdered by trees. Like this tree, apparently fruit is used to make sindoor, was being colonised by another one. From root upwards, it is one tree. Then you see these massive tree boil sort of thing where another tree has grafted itself onto it. So, half the branches are one tree, other half has totally different leaves.

Then, we heard of the elephant raids, them eating oranges, uprooting banana plants and very smartly throwing smaller trees on electric perimeters to disable them. Basically, the cornucopia-esque western ghats is at war.
But the lesson was not all trees are good people.