Pepperfry won’t deliver, won’t refund, won’t listen. Help me interneters!

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In one of my last posts, I mentioned that I am not the adventurous types. I know that new things are fraught with risks and take care to stay away. Don’t judge me, I am a nice guy otherwise.

For last two months, I have been researching to write on the Indian e-commerce scene. I ordered from almost all major e-commerce sites – Myntra, Infibeam, Zovi, Yebhi, Homeshop 18, Snapdeal. I took photos of their packaging, tracked delivery time, had to return a few and monitored the customer service at every step. I have been trying to complete and planned to post this weekend,
But I made one mistake and have to post this instead. I ordered from an upcoming website – Pepperfry, bloody cheaters. I was being adventurous.

I placed three separate orders on 14th August. Two of them got delivered on 18th. I waited for another 8 days before posting this…so, you know I have waited and tried enough.

The pending product amounts to around Rs.1400, an amount I am unwilling to forget as research fee. Now, this is how it happened. Around 20th, I started to feel everything was not alright with the order. The site does not offer any order tracking from the back end, I took some time to figure out that you have to go to the courier partner’s website and track. But I had never heard of a courier company named Delhivery. I simple line stating the same next to my ordered would have helped.

However, the live chat support told me that the courier company shows that the product has been delivered. Next step: they will ask for proof of delivery company and get back to me. Here is a mail transcript and the only response I had from them:
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Customer Service
Date: Thu, Aug 23, 2012 at 6:01 PM
Subject: No delivery in 9 days

Good Evening,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We see that you had already called about this issue and we have raised an escalation about this.

We have asked for the Proof of Delivery from the courier company in order to track this. We will contact you with an update at the earliest.

We appreciate your patience in this matter.

For any further assistance, feel free to contact our Customer Service team on chat or # 1-800-209-7379 or write to us at

Will anyone get in touch with me?

No. I ordered, my mistake…I have to chase them.

Will they mail me or call me updating on the status?

What was I supposed to do?
Wait for 48 hours for the product to be delivered and contact again.

Did I wait?
Yes, for six more days, 12 days in total.

Did I get in touch with them?
Yes, through chat, mail and phone. Me and my wife tried everything.

How is their customer support?
The chat support is robotic, same answers every time and then they vanish. Phone support takes time, sometimes no one picks up. When they do, they have the same answers. They don’t respond to mails.

Did I try to escalate?
They are hiding behind a wall. How do I? I kept mailing asking for a response, for the proof of delivery. I threatened consumer court. No response so far.

Did I ask for a refund?
Finally, I did. They didn’t respond to the mail. The guy on phone said it has been delivered.

Will they show me the proof of delivery?
No, one product not delivered is no big deal.

Some internet search showed me that I am not the only one to have been cheated. Here are a few more pissed off customers.

Pepperfry Reviews on Mouthshut:

pepperfry is BHEJAFRY
pepperfry – only God can delivr ur order from sky
Delivered Wrong Product and didn’t gave money back
Dont ever order anything from
Avoid pepperfry

There are 90 more pissed off reports. See them all here.

Pepperfry complaints on Consumer Court: delivery of products

Pepperfry is cheating and looting. What power do we have when it comes to online shopping? We can’t walk into the shop, we can’t old any one person responsible, we can call and chat, but do no more.

Wait… there is something we can do. We can leave a review and we can alert other people. We can gather our little strengths and fight these unethical establishments who think they can hide in some little corner of the internet. We need to show them that the internet exposes as much as it hides.

I will not stop, I will not forget and I will not forgive.

Dear Misters and founders Ambareesh Murty and Ashish Shah, I was looking forward to your start up. Now, in can’t wait to put it behind me.

In the meantime, I will appeal at every available forum to get my order delivered. Dear Interneters, I know I made a mistake. I should have read reviews first. I have been trying to convince my parents that online shopping is safe, but I am unsure now. Please help me restore my faith and alert others.

You can leave a message in the comments section, post this link on your Facebook and Twitter. If you are a happy costumer of Pepperfry, tell us your experience.

Updated on 28th August 

As you may have seen, I got a response from the Pepperfry team within 24 hours of this blog post. I was surprised by their response and told them so. I also got a call from them inquiring whether I will like to wait for the product or prefer a refund.

I would have loved to get the product. That’s why I had ordered it in the first place. But I was afraid the whole episode may repeat itself. So, I opted for a refund. Today, within 48 hours of posting the blog, I got a mail stating that the refund has been initiated:

We have initiated a refund for the (product) on 27th August, 2012 and the amount will be credited back in the same account used for payment. You should be able to see the credit in maximum 7-8 working days from the date of initiation.

We will keep our eyes out for the refund reaching you on time and request you as well to get back to us, in case you do not see the credit.

We regret that this transaction has ended in a refund and hope to delight you when you make your next purchase on Pepperfry.

Thanks for your interest and business. Hope to see you soon again!

I look forward to the refund. I may not see them again soon. I must confess that in terms of user interface, Zovi was one of my favourite e-commerce sites. That was before Pepperfry. I still love the site and the graphics and the product range but take some time before ordering from them again.


I got the monthly credit card statement and the good news that my money has been refunded by Pepperfry.

Update 2:

You can also read my Zovi ReviewMyntra ReviewSnapdeal review and Flipkart review.

  • swanand palkar

    Yes same thing happened with me. First thing they didn’t deliver it on time. I raised complaint and asked for refund through application , then customer care. No one gave response and now they are not even refunding the money back saying product is delivered? What kind of service it is? I will not recommend anyone Pepperfy and ofcourse will raise complaint in consumer court and giving written request.

  • Aditya Nilam

    I bought a dinning table friends it was broken and the chair also broken and call center was of no help all robotic answers humble request dont buy from this website ever . not sure if people read the reviews before getting into the deal with online shopping i made a mistake and had horrible experience kind of got looted with this website .
    infact the assembler who came to assemble from pepperfry himself said that it is astonishing that people buy such bad quality products from this website and when the hardware was missing to assemble the product he said people are really nerds buying such shity products from this company. –

  • The Bed that has been delivered to me is different in dimensions that advertised on Pepperfry website. here is the URL of the product-

    The bed I ordered from pepperfry is advertised as 60 X79 Inches which should be equal to 152 X 200 cms but I got a delivery on 3rd October of a Bed that comes as 160 X 197 cms. This difference in size eliminated my layout and decor plan to place a foot bench and bedsides next to the bed as well as the recommended mattress size on the website is 152 X 190 which doesn’t fit the bed. There must be a clear communication on bed dimensions between the Pepperfry manufacturer/vendor so that it saves customer the trouble. This is their internal hassle and why consumer has to suffer. I am not sure if I shall buy any big furniture from Online websites like Pepperfry again.

    I requested to lodge a complaint to return the bed but because since 3 days a carpenter hasn’t come to even install the bed (SLA- 24 hours), the customer care is not accepting my return request and are hell bent on Carpenter doing the assembly and are not processing reverse pickup and refund. I am not sure what should i do, hence reaching out to this forum so that I could return the bes and Pepperfry processes refund.

  • Sandeep Sharma

    These guys have worst customer support. On an average it would take 15-20 mins before they speak to you, They dont have any email ids or followups and escalations and they never reply to your queries and returns. Worst people. We all should file a complaint against those guys to teach them a good lesson

  • ask 049

    it is fraud and cheater

  • ask 049

    Dear Sirs, Subject:- order number 303160280
    Respectfully I request to say that Bombay Dying is a famous company in in clothe’s quality matter.Specially in bed sheets .I have given a order of three bed sheets.But delivered order on 28 june 2017. I received old poor quality bed sheets Perhaps fourth and fifth class people also will not like to use at their bed so inferior and sub standard quality bedsheets. Peoples do buy goods from online that no any hearing for their problems & sold duplicate goods,It is possible in world .In India it is common.Perhaps these bed sheets are also may be.I do not blame any one.My request is to say only that really bedsheet’s quality is low substandard.
    Another thing is that description on website written so seems three bedsheets except of one,Written Bedsheet – Set Of 3 By Bombay Dyeing. It means it is a case of wrong description.
    Now you are requeted to look in the matter.Thanks!
    Sukhmal Jain-Mobile:9212725179

  • Muhammad Abdul Fareed

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    I was Placed the order 303137583 on 12th June 2017 13:47:47 IST of Rs 539

    As i have applied coupon code its discounted to price Rs365 by clearly shown by message your coupon is applied successfully thereafter once i am trying to payment its detected Rs539 instead of RS 365

    The screenshots & video recording of coupon message with payment invoice bill are attached

    I request you to kindly either refund my incorrect amount or just cancel this order and refund my total amount asap.

  • Arun kumar

    Dear youngbigmouth,
    I am facing a situation with pepperfry as well. I ordered a chair from them, and the product has a metal bar running under the back fabric, making it impossible to sit. Now they won’t take it back, despite their policy of easy returns. Is there anything i can do to move things fwd?

  • Hoe

    I wanted to cancel an order due to an unexpected change. I contacted them before the first 15 hours after order was paid.
    After keeping in contact with the CC, I have to say that they understood my case diligently and they will exceptionally proceed with the cancellation!
    This encourages me to keep buying from Pepperfry!!!!

  • rakeshitha

    Dont buy any products from pepperfry… they are fraud.. have not returned my money back even after 2 months.

  • GLC

    Yes, I too suggest not to get anything from Pepperfry. The worst e commerce I ever saw. Please not to buy from pepperfry. Bad services, False promises(easy returns, return & refund and all of its policies are fake).

  • soby

    I have ordered apron from peperfry,when it was delivered after 1 week i found the apron not up to the mark for which i have paid, though i got a sms saying refund process will be initiated with 24 hrs, they have not called after repeated call they told me they will not take back the product , also the customer care person at refund section was very rude

  • Mahesh KN

    I also feel cheated they made me accept defective product and now they is no news of repair or replacement.
    see my complaint here

  • cana

    pepper fry being very curt and the product of 4000 rs for a chair lasted for eight its past return date..pepper fry does not bother to send someone to repair it..please think twice before you buy

  • Vijayalakshmi Thangavelrahulta

    Ordered a coffee maker,came with three of its major part missing ,spend nearly 11050/-/for that and trying to contact them every possible way to get the missing parts….still trying …till now numerous email I have sent, they contacted me via phone but no concrete result till now…I am still hoping they will solve my problem without further delay…

  • Devendra karda

    I bought sofa from papperfry which got broken in one month. They don’t return my money back. Advice to not to buy.

  • Swati lad

    I recently ordered a chandelier from The detailed description of the product on the site did not mention anywhere that the seven lamps were not made of glass but by some kind of fabric. When contacted the customer service they were outright rude kept me on hold for several minutes and couldn’t give a appropriate answer as to why this piece of information waa conveniently left out from the description.
    The chandelier cost me 18k..which is not a small amount by any regard. They refused to return my money or cancel the order. I believe I deserve a full refund as i hv been duped by the website by not providing me full information about the product.

    I sincerely urge to everyone please do not order anything from this site.

  • You can get pepperfry products at cheap prices using promotional offers and coupons from

  • Gagan Singh

    We had ordered a Sofa Cum Bed and we are feeling really SORRY on ourselves now !! Delivery people came four times without calling us and then went back when no one was at home !! When we call their call center they tell us that Delivery team attempted delivery but you did not receive it !! Now it is been 3 days AFTER the promised delivery date and we still DON’T have the bed !! I would suggest that DON’T order from this pepperfry…They are just CHEATS !!

  • Kamlesh Verma

    Very very bad service on

    please guys don’t order any thing from

    this is bull-shit online shop .

    I ordered my product 3rd of Nov. and upto 23 nov .

    upto now I didn’t get product deliver you know from 3rd nov to 23-nov. Can you count this, how many days?

    This kind of service they are providing

    and also I called at custumer care . they are not doing anything

    very lazy and slow process

    and also I am calling to your customer care . they are saying . just give

    some time, it will deliver .

  • Vivek Sinhar

    VICTIM OF PEPPERFRY’s horrible service and customer care!

    After calling for atleast 15 times on their stupid customer care, I am

    writing this blog so that everyone knows how pepperfry’s service is.

    I had ordered on 13th October

    ORDER #301648315

    Shipment Date: 31 October 2015

    Mode of Payment: Online Payment

    AWB No.: 80678598

    Shipped By: Safexpress(Track Your Package)

    Item-PM9960Pinnacle Recliner with Dark Brown Rexine Cover by La-Z-Boy

    Complaint Date – 12th November

    Complaint number – 1048863

    I had made the payment via credit card.I didn’t get the PRODUCT, The package couldn’t be tracked on the Courier Company Safe Express. On calling them they said, that they hadn’t received any such product from Pepperfry.

    On calling pepperfry I couldnt get a satisfactory response about the status

    of my order from the customer care number which I have called repeatedly.

    On requesting to cancel my order I was told that they were not authorised

    to do that and the only person that was handling the case is some Mr. YASH. I asked to talk to the person, or anyone that can authorize my cancellation or Refund, or tell me something about the status of my order. I was told that they will arrange a call-back from someone.

    I DID NOT RECEIVE ANY CALL BACK. Every time I called Customer care, I was told, they weren’t authorized to do anything and those who were, will call me Back.

    It has been 11 days since then, after calling 15 times, and being assured of a CALL-BACK on my request of REFUND, there was NONE!

    No request for refund has been processed till date. I do not want the


    I have ordered from PEPPERFRY in the PAST, was met with delayed deliveries etc. but this is just unacceptable.

    That was supposed to be a DIWALI present!

    This is pathetic service.

    Kindly call on


    Or reply via e-mail

  • Kedar

    This is regarding my first order on their website which has been a nightmare for me. While it started off promisingly, it turned into a bad experience very soon. I haven’t received my product even after more than 3 weeks and 3 times of rescheduling. Every time I contact their support desk I am told it will happen surely this time, but it doesn’t. The delivery guy never calls before delivery and I don’t get the contact details of the delivery guy prior to delivery. They really need to have their logistics issues corrected. This is really frustrating! I am not surprised there are so many complaints against them all over the internet.

  • Akriti

    Terrible experience and an abominable customer service department to match! Unfortunately made the mistake of buying 2 things from your site for the first time (Order nos. 301812769 and 301798898) and what an ordeal!

    1. We are expected to call and place a request for delivery – unlike Amazon, Flipkart etc. who call their customers proactively

    2. On the call one is expected to memorize and punch in the 9 digit order no. In this day and age it seems they cannot manage with just an email address!

    3. After placing the delivery request on Nov 21, I was guaranteed delivery on Nov 22. No surprise that nothing has turned up nor have they bothered to inform me about the delay

    4. Upon calling their customer dept., I had the extreme displeasure of speaking to Pankaj Pokhriyal, who it seems has been trained to be sarcastic to distressed customers – and not help in any way. Needless to say, he had no idea where my orders are – he kept explaining some ambiguous lists to me. As a customer, either tell me the status or have the courtesy to call back. Mr. Pokhriyal on the other hand went out of his way to be discourteous and unhelpful on the call.

    5. I asked to speak to his supervisor, but Mr. Supervisor is too busy to take customer calls. I have been promised a call back within 24 hours – don’t hold your breath!

    My first mistake was to have ordered from this awful site, the second to have expected basic customer service, third to have pre-paid … I’m not making any more by returning to this site ever. As a frequent online shopper, I can say with certainty that this is the WORST eCommerce site in India!

  • Vidya Thayoor

    NO DELIVERY, NO REFUND EITHER. The same horrifying experience continues and they never seem to care. Being an e-commerce company in these times, their service is extremely lousy. There is complete lack of communication with the customer and within the organization itself. Your money goes into a black hole and any amount of follow-up has no effect on them. With the fundamentals of business completely missing in this company and its employees, I strongly advise people not to waste their time, money, trust and patience on Pepperfry, lest you be fried till your wit’s end!

  • Amar

    Pepperfry doesnt even know what customers are ordering and what items they are sending…very disgusting service and customer care is so so dumb they dont even know to read english properly and reply the same…will take weeks to refund ur money after trying to negotiate in refund also..cheaters coz they dont allow customers to review items and display the review..if that would have been the case their third class service would have been busted up…dnt waste ur money on this site…

  • devi

    Pepperfry is a big cheater … after repeated phone calls to their customer care ,they have not done anything either to refund or to exchange. DONOT BUY ANYTHING

  • You Can Give A Try to They Are JUs Best

  • amit kala


    I paid approx 20000 for a recliner on 10th August for a Hush Puppy recliner Order no 301407321 and have since made numerous calls and written emails to Pepper-fry but all in vain. The company is most UNRELIABLE and UNPROFESSIONAL wherein the only place to speak is the call center and they have no clue of the issue. Despite all my requests none of the professional from the company came on the phone line. The product is not delivered to me in last 40 days and i have no clue whether i shall get the same or not. The date of delivery was 29th August and since then i have been struggling with these unprofessional people. Would suggest people not to buy anything from such a fraudulent online portal.

    The only email that i have been getting each time is the same pre-drafted mail apologizing for the delay and asking for the never ending 24-48 hours. Till date the product is neither received nor m i sure what is the status.

    SHAME on Pepperfry…..

    Amit Kala – 9986303231

  • Miki

    I am facing the exact same problem. On demanding proof of delivery, they keep telling me the concerned team will get back to you, which never happens. ORDER #301293274.

  • samalashish

    Do not take chances with pepperfry … If you don’t like your product after it being delivered, they don’t care, they wont take it back .. they have very poor return policy … If you find similar product from other websites like Flipkart or snapdeal, at little higher price, better take it from these websites but don’t take it from pepperfry, even if it is selling it cheap.

  • Vinaysheel Rao

    Please don’t buy anything from these Pepperfry frauds. Its been over a month and the table I ordered is probably rotting in some go down. They keep telling me the package has been received here and departed from there and is in transit from somewhere else and will be delivered at so and so date etc. They keep trying to sooth me over the phone, asking me to wait for a while before asking for a refund. Now, even if I do get the table, I’ll never trust them again. Before this I had ordered two bed sheets in queen size. They delivered smaller bed sheets. I want to return them as well. These guys are no good. Don’t waste your time with them.

  • RN

    Four orders and what you get is sorry, apologies and more of it each day for the last two and a half weeks.
    Order Nos. 301418421, 301418360, 301418289 & 301418236.

    That is pepperfry for you. It should change its name to Bhejafry which will me more apt. They take orders/payments from customers and then come up with excuses all the time for not able to deliver. Such a shame.

  • RN

    Four orders and what you get is sorry, apologies and more of it each day for the last two and a half weeks.

    That is pepperfry for you. It should change its name to Bhejafry which will me more apt. They take orders/payments from customers
    and then come up with excuses all the time for not able to deliver. Such a shame.

  • Mudit Srivastava

    they are the biggest cheaters on the ecommerce space, I ordered laundry basket from there site, from the dimensions and photo it was looking enough big and decent, but when the actual product arrived in was no where as explained and are charging more from open shops, I called customer care and informed them about it and they are saying we cannot take the product back.
    please don’t get trap seeing images and explanation about the product on there site. you will never get your money back if you are not satisfied from the delivered product.
    also anyone know where we can lodge formal complain against them?

  • Alice George

    pepperfry delivered me a product which had woodmites in them and wont refund or return them since I am late by 7 days! This is obviously a company that does not value their customers or their service to the customers. this is upsetting a lot….

  • Sajmin

    I completely agree this post , unfortunately am also one among the ppl who wait for pepperfry order delivery , I ordered simple small accessories on July 15 more than half a month past still my order is not delivered.. Everytime when I reach customer care they tentatively provide a random date which differs on each time when I reach them. Completely fraudulent portal. I have ordered many products never faced annoying service like this.. Even many other good portals deliver bulky furnitures more earlier than this one.. Completely stupid service they provide and cheat common people’s money . I believe in god he’ll surely punish them for their cheats..

  • Mike

    I wrote a -ve review on Mouthshut about Pepperfry; I can see it but it’s hidden from others. Link: . I think that’s how Pepperfry is having better rating on Mouthshut compared to Amazon. I then wrote a question on Mouthshut that why my review isn’t visible to others, that question didn’t get posted. I answered someone else asking the same question, that answer also didn’t get posted. When I open the review timeline of Pepperfry on Mouthshut, my review is visible to me among other reviews but when I open the same page on different browser (on which I’m not logged in), others’ reviews are visible and my review disappears.

  • Arpit Jain

    As per the earlier communication from Pepperfry representative, Pepperfry has cancelled my order ( order id 301119739) due to non-fulfillment of the product from the vendor.

    The Pepperfry representative had also promised me that I will get a Coupon code for flat 25% discount with no max cap (maximum discount amount in Rupees).

    But now they have given me a coupon code with 25% discount for max cap Rs. 8000.

    On the website itself, any user can get more than this discount on my required product by entering the coupons available on your website.

    I have followed up a lot through email and your website but no one is answering.

    Please provide me correct coupon code so that your website should be considered genuine with the promises.

  • Rajesh

    Totally Agree with you. Complete Fraud Website, Ships Absolute nonsense from what is displayed and makes you run after them for refund. i Suspect Money Laundering or a Scam on this website,

  • Is it true…

  • Raj Khanna

    Hi guys,

    I agree with you all, pepperfry embarrased me also. I live overseas with my parents staying in India, it was my parents anniversary and I had ordered a dining set from there, they didn’t deliver it in time even after multiple calls. I was so worried, finally my friend advised me to check, thank god they had a considerable quality collection and a good delivery system. My gift reached my parents in time but I am still struggling to get my money back from pepperfry.

  • P Anand

    Had A bad Experiance with pepper fry. Bought a bed and it broke the very next day. Poor quality of workmanship and no real after sales support

  • shailendra

    As pepperfry are telling me my number was not contactable and pepperfry team tried to

    reach me, see I only called arround 5 times to pepperfry support team. If this

    order was due to some listing error, pepperfry would have send me email after 2-3

    days it self but I did not got any email or any call till I contacted to

    pepperfry team, as pepperfry site was not showing any update on my order I only

    called first.

    And first time when I called to pepperfry team they were telling me you will get

    product on time it has been under procurement.

    after 15 days , pepperfry team called me and told me that product

    not available right now and it will take time to deliver you.

    I was agreed on that also, pepperfry told me pepperfry team will contact me again or

    email me updated status, but no email no call.

    So again I only called, result pepperfry team started new story

    due to some listing error we can not provide you the product.

    And here I already paid credit card bill for that amount as I was sure I

    will get the product, now pepperfry are telling me you will get amount in your

    credit card, but now no meaning that amount will block in card only.

    Now tell me if this is the e-commerce standard pepperfry following, then I

    should take further step on this false promise against

    I was seeing pepperfry reviews are good on all forums but I was not knowing

    about this kind of false promises.

    Now pepperfry need to re-think about customer satisfaction. I should take further

    action on this.

  • rsg

    Here’s our most recent experience with this awful online store: Just published this review on Mouthshut as well. is easily the most horrible, inefficient and unprofessional online furniture store in India. We had ordered two items–a wine rack and a shoe shelf. The first arrived all broken! It was disastrous. When we repeatedly complained spending hours on the phone with the dumb customer care agents, they took weeks to send someone to pick it up and give the refund. Then comes the turn of the shoe shelf. They first said it would take 10 days for it to be delivered. It finally took close to 3 weeks!! That too after we called and complained repeatedly. We have not encountered such inefficient e-commerce retail service ever in India. And wait there’s more–while they have delivered the show shelf today after 3 weeks of waiting, they did not assemble it. So now we have to call the carpenter who might take his own sweet time to come and assemble it.

    So we would not recommend anyone who hopes to get any decent quality of service to order anything from This business ought to be shut down fast. Urban ladder is way better.

    • Rahul

      Urban Ladder Discount Coupons code [ YOUxME_Mansi_1IPM5V ]
      – Rs. 2000 off on first purchase from urban ladder.
      – Eligible on any product which are more than Rs. 5000
      – Validity till 31-OCT-2016 and can be used 10 times.

      Have purchased a lot of stuff from urban ladder and its of good quality and superb service.
      Enjoy the coupon and discount.

  • Saravanan

    I ordered 2 items on Pepperfry for about Rs 6500 on 17 Dec 2014, and none of it is delivered yet as on 5 Jan 2015. I chatted 3 times with customer care. They simply say someone from customer relations will call back, but nobody calls. They won’t deliver the items and nor give any explanation for it. My order No is 300714411

  • Saravanan

    I ordered 2 items costing Rs 6500 on Pepperfry on 17 December Ordere No 300714411. They should have been delivered latest by 2 Jan 2015. But till today 5th Jan, none of the items got delivered. I tried chatting 3 times. Each time they promise somebody from customer relations (twice they said ‘Preethi’, one time no name given) will call back. But none called back. The tracking page simply says it is in their Bangalore warehouse. The destination is Madurai in TN. It is in Bangalore for the past 15 days and not moving a inch! Tomorrow i’ll send them the link to this comment. Will they stir from stupor at least then? Moral: Never order from Pepperfry. By far the worst e-com site in India. Nice photos alone cannot make a worthy e-com site. God knows if they actually planted that promised tree in Rajasthan, via, for which i paid an extra Rs 30 :-)))))))

  • Ram K

    Ordered over Rs 2 Lakh of furniture from Pepperfry on Nov. 16. The quoted delivery date was 11 Dec. Next day I talked to their “relationship manager” Constancio and got the confirmation that the order will arrive on 11 Dec or before. I told him that it’s not possible for me to take delivery after 11th (as I won’t be at the address) so deliver the order in its entirety by the given date. Two work days before the promised date, I get an email stating they can’t delivery on 11th. They give no other date on the email. I talk to the relationship manager again, expressing the disappointment. I tell him again I need the entire order latest by 11th else can’t have it. He says it will be delivered and in worst case I will get immediate refund.

    I call the relationship manager on 12th Dec (note – he didn’t call or email me on 11th stating the order won’t be delivered) -I tell him I need refund. He promises a refund and says he will send a refund confirmation email.

    After that the relationship manager doesn’t respond to email and nobody from Pepperfry responds to refund request. No refund either. Their customer care line is silent on this, including email or phone.

    This is outright fraud. The order numbers are – ******3856 and ******4555 for delivery to Navi Mumbai.

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  • Sugata

    Help Me!!!!!!

    Pepperfry is a total fraud worthless online retailer in India. They just take money from their customer and they give a danm about delivering the goods. Had ordered a shoe rack from them and was supposed to be shipped by 7th Nov 2014, till today the product has not been delivered….Disgusting experience dont even think of visiting this site….my order no is 300628101

  • vijay

    fully agree- pepperfry is a fraudster company. my order(no. 300609083) was delivered well within time, however they sent 2 drunk delivery boys,who messed up with our sofa,tore the bottom support cloth,and tore the leather on one side.we placed a refund option,still waiting for the past ten days for them to take back or refund amount. absolutely no response on phone or e-mail. also,make sure when you place a request for refund,the complete refund amount is credited back to your account, before they take it away, otherwise, they will have the reigns in their hands.check the images with this post

  • Brina

    I have currently ordered furniture from them with. It was delivered in packages and it has been 6 days but no one has come to assemble it. I was told someone will come within 1 to 2 days. Now it has been 6! And believe me, I’ve called and emailed them: the customer support as well as the so called account manager. The account manager has never replied to any of my email nor calls. The call centre people just say that they have forwarded my complaint to account manager & the cycle goes on.
    I want to return the items now. I am afraid their return policy will be as s#itty as their service. I haven’t even opened the packages to check. Now there are 3 huge packages of unassembled furniture in my small living room.
    This is absolutely horrendous. They demand money by credit card and don’t even deliver/assemble on time. And the worst is you have to keep calling & following up.

  • Pankaj

    I ordered an Electric Iro from Pepperfry after comparing the rates from other websites.I ahad never earlier used but sinve they were giving a deal with the cheapest price for same product as compared to other websites.

    Before the delivery date of the order, I got a mail from pepperfry that the order has been cancelled and a refund is processed.I was disappointed because I was expecting the product and did not buy it locally.anyways I somehow was OK.but to my surprise the order got delivered next day to my place.

    I was quite amused, but when I opened the packing, the product turned out to be defective and non-working. I immediately wrote them an email that its faulty product . they asked me to use Refund Link from their website.but it was not working(they may be doing it intentionally) . when I wrote to them with all details.they first asked a picture of non working product.I sent them the pic. next I did not got any response for over 4-5 days.I was furious .sent them email again.No reply.

    Finally I called their Customer Care.that guy put m eon hold for more than 10 minutes and di not bother to reply.I disconnected the phone and called again.

    This time that stupid did not pick the call and some other lady answered.when I explained my problem.she put m eon hold for about 4-5 minutes for checking the status.then finally told that Refund has been processed and it may take 7-8 working days.but since I did not got it yet.she checked again and said they will have to do it now and it will take next 7-8 days. I somehow managed to keep my tongue on hold.and said OK.

    But today I got an email from them saying that they have processed the refund.and if I say that its not received.they asked me to send a Bank statement of my account.

    They are themselves such a cheaters and have no trust on customers.and they have no system to track the payment is don or Not.they are so stupid that nobody knwos whats happenning.

    Please be aware that they may be bigger frauds to get your Bank Details and then rob your bank.

    Do not fall prey to their cheap prices, they are here for cheating and taking people’s money.when I searched on Google about Pepperfry complaint.I came to know that I am not alone.they are in a Cheating Business and many have been cheated.


  • SK2803

    Pepperfry the most PATHETIC and non-serious ,non-committed website ever.I had ordered a table on 5th august 2014 and today is 02 sep 2014,havnt received yet.Despited numerous complaints and ample mails i got a call on 17 august from the CEO team that the product for sure would be delivered in a day or two.Then on the committed day i get a call “MAM TRUCK LEFT WITHOUT YOUR PRODUCT”.What a JOKE guys….But no delivery.





  • Aravind

    I placed order on 17th June, 2014. We have not received the Item till
    date. I don’t have words to describe how bad the service is and the
    customer support team is. Every day some one picks the call and asks for
    2 days time and this is still continuing.
    No.1 Cheaters online. Please stay away from and save your money.

  • 646454

    Recently placed an order on pepperfry, I was unaware of this scam going on. Paid 2900 for an office chair, its been more than 16 days and no sign of shippment. Online chat people dont reply back, just stay silent after speaking one or two lines. They just say , the shippment is coming from their own truck so they cannot track the furniture. and keep saying please wait for few more days, they mention ” no questions asked refunds and returns” but when you ask them for refunds they refuse saying it is a furniture item so they cannot issue refund.
    Biggest SCAM of the century, in today’s world where e-commerce is coming up so much , these people are abusing the power of internet and using peoples trust to earn money.
    This can only be done by a mumbai company. That is why all top websites like flipkart and myntra are doing so well because they are from Bangalore.

  • Rahchand Pillai

    I have a similar experience to share, last year I ordered a wooden king size cot, delivery was delayed and the product was not up to the mark, the sheesham wood cot had lot of bugs inside which drill holes, they are a real menace. I fear I will loose 30K product to these creatures. I used some insecticides but they are of little help.

    • Alice George

      I purchased this product
      (Home Sparkle Brown wooden bottle wine rack) in June from their website
      and I have had it installed at home. This product has turned out to be
      defective as it has wood mites in them. This wood was obviously not treated before
      being sold and shipped to us. I am forced to remove it and keep it aside since
      I am afraid that it will infect my other wooden items. This is extremely
      disappointing that within less than 1 month this product developed these
      defects. A simple treatment at the time of the making of the product would have
      been enough. I have wasted money buying this.

  • Manjot Kalha

    Am an avid online fact 90 % of shopping done online. So far has been a good experience. Flipkart, Amazon, E-bay, myntra have all provided good products, service , delivery timeframe , packaging etc. Till I encountered PEPPERFRY. People please be wary of this website. They don’t allow returns/cancellations etc..its a different thing that they can cancel the customers orders. Basically their funda is to earn interest by taking money upfront and since furniture is an expensive item they have loads of money to eat interest on. they will never deliver the product before a month. In some cases I have received an email stating product shipped but then you cant track the product. Then 10 days later I got a safexpress tracking. By this time more than a month had already lapsed. their was another order of mine they took money on upfront and then cancelled it. Awesome logistics managerment you would say. You accept an order and then cant fulfill it (WOW!!). their so called relationship managers are the worst. When I wanted to return an item (furniture piece) they said go ahead return but we will not refund the money. People..i was dumbfounded..speechless. I have wowed never to order from this PEPPERFRY website ever again. My total order worth was around 20,000. Really feel cheated. People please be careful. My only idea of posting this is to make people wary and not get duped the way I did.

    • Satinder

      Same happened with me twice. After a month order was cancelled by them. They are thugs. When i booked, item was shown as avaialable. How come after a month non availability was the reason ascribed. I am sure they are thriving on peoples money free of cost.

      I shall never deal with them now. They are frauds.

  • Proman


    Great help reading your posting as I was considering ordering a high value product from them. BTW, something which struck me was the amount of Facebook likes on their FB page…I wonder how they manage to get so many likes?

    I had a quick chat with their rep, they don’t offer any part payment option like Fabfurnish does.

    Any experience with Fabfurnish? Got to know that they offer part payment option(30% upfront and remaining upon delivery?) which sounds less risky to me?

    Your comments would be appreciated!

  • Pramod

    Dear Manager,

    The mail is addressed to you as Clint with whom I chatted refused to give me your name or any contacts – e mail id or phone no.. It seems you are a person sitting in this ivory tower of the pepperfry company where nobody responds including the ‘personal’ customer care executive Zohair and Mallik.

    Whoever has chosen the company knew what service he would provide – a customer burning with rage – lot of pepper and fry. I cannot bear this pepper and fry agony anymore and hence this letter.

    Since, looking at the response and assurance and service I have got, I am sure that you will not have my records, I am wasting cum investing this time to get the hard earned money back. I have your assurance this will be an ordeal in itself.

    My misfortune started when my brother chanced upon the beautiful website you have and the tempting offer to get fry with pepper. My ordeal is as follows:-

    1. Booked 2 single beds with order no. 300359611 on 2nd May.

    2. Got a wonderfully worded mail from Mr. Zohair on behalf of India’s No. 1 Home & Furniture Store for making this good decision and sharing his details for any query or issues.

    3. On 19th may got the mail saying that the order has been shipped.

    4. Packaged delivered on 24th May. To our surprise the bolts were missing and we immediately wrote a mail to Mr. Zohair and in vain tried calling him and discovered that the entire company uses answering machine with no response.

    5. Sent a mail to their customer care id with auto response no. (EC-208223) on 25th May.

    6. After waiting and repeatedly trying to get through the answering machine called on their helpline number on 29th May. Was informed that Mr. Zohair is no longer the representative and some Mr. Mallik has taken over. Complain no. 00536040. Was assured that I will be contacted by them within 48 hours.

    7. Called again on 3rd June with an assurance that they are escalating it to their Manager and I will get a call back by eod – end of day (thanks for educating me). When I asked for his name and any contact details, was told that this can not be shared.

    So, finally i refuse to be in pepper and fry and would like you to take the material back at your cost and reimburse the money. If that is not done I will be forced to take legal action.

    Thanks and regards,


  • sss

    recently fooled by pepperfry!! I wished I had read the reviews before ordering anything!! I ordered a ciplaplast bathroom cabinet and after more than a week of ordering I got it in a damaged condition when I asked them to replace it the customer service guy flatly refused and said they would give a refund instead! when I asked them when I would get my money back that idiot says that I have to first courier that broken thing back to them and then they would be refunding!! I mean first I pay in full for a thing and then I have to again pay for the courier so that I get my refund!! total crap!! please people don’t but from them they are hopeless!! let it just shut down!!

  • Amit Saini

    I face very bad experience with Pepperfry team. They are not professional and prompt to help. I contacted many times in last 6 days to update my shipping details and to follow-up with courier company but they failed to do the needful and product dispatched to wrong location.

    However to resolve the issue I also contacted courier company to update the details and they raised complaint in their system.

    Due to Pepperfry team’s unresponsiveness the product which should have delivered in 2 days is still not receive and I don’t know how many days it still take.

    My feedback for Pepperfry is: Unprofessional company, irresponsible customer support and ineffective processes and rules. With all these combine this is not recommended shopping portal for customers who want smooth and quick shopping experience.

    More importantly the product quality still to be check once it receive .

  • Rickey

    Pepperfry = PepperCRY. Its been a NIGHTMARE dealing with these guys. Its been like a month i ordered from them. I checked the SAFExpress shipping status and it says that its been lying in the destination hub since a week. I tracked pepperfry and safexpress but no luck. These guys are giving a run. Most frustrating of all is the point of contact number which pepperfry SMS after order always says “Out of Office”. This website should be penalized. Will not recommend them to anyone. Worst online experience with PEPPERFRY AND SAFEXPRESS.

  • Jojo Jose

    guys dont buy anything from this website, No.1 Cheater me for further details.. … last 50 days they are just cheating me.. poor customer care

  • Shankar

    I bought 50, 000 worth furniture from pepperfry. When the item arrived almost 1 month after I ordered, It looked different than online pictures. I contacted their customer service to see what the return policy is. They said they don’t take returns on furniture. I contacted their customer service several times before buying, Nobody mentioned that to me. I didn’t even see any information about return policy on their site. Now I am stuck with furniture I didn’t like at all. Over all a very bad experience. Will never buy from this website in future.

  • Prasant


    I had ordered my product from Pepperfry & it was delivered in broken & damaged condition. It was not at all fit for use so I called up the customer care immediately to lodge a complaint. My complaint was registered & I was asked to mail them the pics of the damaged product at their customer care email id.

    Upon reviewing those pictures they requested me to courier the product back to their New Delhi store, which I did by DTDC on 13th Dec’13.I kept requesting them for confirmation of reciept & refund initiation. Till date they are asking me to wait as they are still to get confirmation of receipt from their Delhi office.

    I have provided them the dispatch details from DTDC which clearly indicates the delivery & receipt by their office staff with seal on 20th Dec’13. I am continuosly following for refund but same pretyped robotic answers,

    This is totally unacceptable. I have never experienced such a lack luster & negligent response. It has already been 3 weeks since I couriered the material back and the DTDC confirmation already confirms the delivery at your store on 20th Dec’13 which is already 2 weeks back. I cant understand how long it will take for them to get confirmation from their own store in today’s world.

    I must admit the response from their side & my overall experience has been worst till date. I cant take anything positive to anybody from this purchasing experience. Hope to get the refund ASAP.

    Order # 300178142

    • Jojo Jose

      hi can we suite a file in consumer court???..

      • Tom

        yes you can. Go through your district level

  • Swapna Goud

    yes, I agree I am also one of them

    I have ordered a product and it was damaged, i aked them to refund the product cost _+ shippping & Handling but they said they will refund product price & only 150 for S&H charges were i have spent 550 for ship that product, very worst

  • Prasad

    Worst service… Please dont prefer pepperfry. I ordered 20Liters Microoven and they send 7 liters . Instead they are blaming us and representative is not listening our concern too… God know when it will be resolved. I prefer not to purchase anything from pepperfry… Worst service and they fool the customers with false expectations.

    • CK Ganesan

      I completely agree with the views shared by all. This company is a cheat, I bought a Sofa cum bed for my son who is not even 50 kgs, immediately after 30 days of guarantee period the legs came out and when I complained, they are least bothered and they keep repeating that the money back policy is expired. I sincerely request the prospective buyers not to opt Pepperfry.

  • vandana

    oh yes! i so agree with you. The customer support is so terrible. I had placed an order and selected wrong address for delivery, i immediately wrote an email requesting them to ship it to a different address in same city and they refused to help. I was aghast! What kind of service do they offer??? online shopping is becoming so risky. Terrible experience.

  • Akiks

    On 16th Sept.2013 I have ordered an Stellar High Back revolving Chair for Rs 5710 (10 rupees as contribution towards a cause). This was supposed to be shipped on the 26th Sept. 2013, and upon query since I did not get any intimation (No email no SMS), I chatted several times ( 3 times to be precise), I was inform that it has been shipped on the 28th Sept.2013, but the person on the other end cannot provide any proof that it has been shipped (no Courier or Tracking details). This has me worried (and after reading the reviews I am more worried). Lastly, upon my insistence the guy at the other end provided me this info- AWB M10000786 (which is not helpful to me – I am sure if they have an Airway Bill they will have on the Courier and Tracking Number ). I am worried I may not get the Item. (I will update this as it unfolds in the coming days).

    • Akiks

      I got a call from “Zohair” promising me that it will be shipped in the next 3 days, but its more than a week since that call and I am yet to hear anything again nor has the item been shipped . is not noting but a cheat. I am getting frustrated with their delaying tactics and their lies. Hope this nightmare will end soon. Thanks

      • Ananda

        I have also dealt with this “Zohair” guy… He calls himself a relationship manager. My experience with him is very unpleasant. He is a arrogant person and has been appointed by the company to fool customers. These people earn their living from customers, feed on our money and still manages to cheat people. Due to the sudden boom of online retail, these companies have cropped up, and their intention is simple. Loot and fool the customers before people wake up and these online shops comes under scanner. Till then they will make a good profit. Even if these companies shuts down by then, it won’t matter to them. Because by then, they will make a good saving for lifetime…

  • Anjali Vyas

    I have had exactly the same experience. Bad! I had ordered for a wooden console worth Rs 19900. The product arrived almost after 2 months with door hanging from the hinges, handles missing, substandard. I got these fixed by calling my own carpenter. But, the condition of the console is deteriorating doors don’t open, drawers are jammed. I agree, yes, I was foolish.

  • Surya

    Pepperfry is a cheat. I ordered a Home entertainement console amounting to Rs. 14000. It took me 4 months to get my money refunded through various Police departments in the country. I’m going to have an article published in the Times of India next Monday on the scam such websites are running.

    • I am not sure if it is a scam or consistently bad service. Given the amount that these businesses have invested, it is shocking that they continue to take delivery and refund issues so indifferently.

      Then, there are entrepreneurs who are lobbying to get Cash on Delivery discontinued. Indian e-commerce industry has a long way to go before any of this happens.

  • sumeshpahuja


    I am also having a similar experience with pepperfry and am awaiting for an update. I had pkaced an order on 12th of june 2013 for two products and had received only one on 24th June 2013.The second is yet to be received and as in your case I am following up for an update without any success.They have been giving same excuses like have escalated and awaiting feedback etc.There seems to be no manager willing to speak or call back.This is extreme cheating.Let me know if there is an easy way to get them to refund the money.I will not spare them for sure.
    I will post into all the blogs and circulate this in all forums to help notify all the people who have still not fallen into there trap.

    Sumesh Pahuja

  • Jhansi

    I completely agree with you. I will also continue to keep on complaining about them until they refund my money. Nobody should accept their refund points . Everybody whoever got cheated by them should do this . Then only they will learn the lesson.

  • Jhansi

    Lucky that you got your money. Good that you didn’t kept quite and fought with them till the end . I ordered a furniture worth 7000 , they didn’t even shipped till now . They crossed the dead line by 7 days . Till now they didn’t ship.I am asking for refund as I am no more interested in that product . But they are refusing to refund as it is a furniture order . Tell me is this justice for not cancelling my order ? When they did the mistake of delayed shipping then they should refund me . I don’t believe them anymore and I don’t want their product .

    I recommend everybody not to buy anything from For those who already cheated by this website I will suggest that continue to complaint against them until your money gets refunded in the form of money (and not in the form of the points). When you don’t want to continue business with them how those points will be useful. What is the guarantee that they deliver those orders which you purchase with those points ?

    • Yes, you should. Those days are gone when unethical businesses could continue to run for years. Social media makes sharing possible and we should. Quite a few people got back to me saying I should not write bad reviews. But I have also written great reviews for others. I waited a long time and exhausted all other methods before blogging about it. So, please use your rights as a customer and also as a social media user.

  • Pepperfry is a CHEATING Site………………. They are sitting on my money..Neither refunding nor delivering my product…..They took the order and then no delivery…Their site even gives the POD no of the courier DTDC – who says that this is an invalid POD no…. DTDC is a renouned name and have a good tracking system… Now Pepperfry have acknowledged that they have not shipped that product..But they are not refunding me nor shipping my product…..For Sure, I have to approach consumer court to get compensation along with refund…(

  • Sunil

    Good that you got your money refunded, I am waiting for mine. They delivered the product(a wall clock) but ‘forgot’ to put the machine part in the package(delivered only the frame!). Initially they said they will ship the missing part but after couple of days again got a call from customer care saying that the missing part is ‘out of stock’ and the are going to refund as pepper points. I simply rejected it and demanded for cash refund, finally they agreed. Today its the 9th day and still not received the refund. Waiting for the same.

    • I sincerely hope you will get your money back. Mine was delayed by around ten days too. Keep us updated.

  • Ronak9

    nice blog! and thanks for sharing such types of experience to get aware of dealing with these sites.

  • Asha


    I have ordered many products from pepperfry and was happy about it. So far I have not returned any products and i do not know how their response will be in future. It is my favourite site and I hope they will not let me down in future. 

    • I am considering to order from them again too. I am assuming it was one bad transaction, which I won’t hold against them for life. But this time, I will take the cash on delivery option.

  • Hakoonamatata

    Keep ordering COD. Again and again

    • Hard way to learn that lesson..But I ordered from six more ecommerce sites, exchanged products and got a refund from another who had run out of stock. So, did not anticipate any problems. I will still not paint them all with the same brush.

  • Malli90


    • I have asked for a refund. Would have preferred the product but have run out of patience.

      Let’s see..will keep you guys updated.

  • Team Pepperfry

    Read your post and felt sorry for your experience. However, could not find the Order  No# For one last time, could you please send a mail to, with your Order No.# as without it will be difficult to get in touch with you. Rest assured, you can expect a call from our team in the next 48 hours. Hope you will give us an opportunity make amends.
    Warm Regards,
    Team Pepperfry

    • Hi,

      I am surprised by your fast response time, thanks. But I hope your customers are not driven to this extent to get a response. I will send the mail with the order number and look forward to hear from you.

  • gunjan kumar

    good lord…your post is an eye opener .Beware of such company ,for sure…