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Six months back, I was a happy man as men with a clear purpose in their lives are. I had thought of doing a series on Indian e-commerce sites and had ordered from eight sites. Back then, it seemed like a good number and covered all major sites. Now, so many new and impressive portals have been launched that my sample looks miserable unrepresentative.

However, I must finish what I started. Here is my next installment with reviews of Myntra and Zovi.

First up, Myntra.

myntra packaging

Myntra was one of the first online retail superbrands in the country. Started in 2007, it raised around $40 million and spent that money well in establishing a delivery chain, and more importantly, the brand name. In 2011, Myntra launched its first and quite stylish TV commercial which was both before and ahead of its competitors. You may remind me of Flipkart which launched its first TVC in April, much before Myntra’s June date.  I am not interested in comparing the portals, but now that you started it, let’s roll it out.

Flipkart was started by Sachin and Binny Bansal, Myntra was started by Mukesh Bansal. None of them are brothers and both the companies came out of Bangalore. Similarities end. Myntra is exclusively into fashion and lifestyle products. Flipkart is nearly four times more funded than Myntra and out to look for more. Average order size here is Rs. 1250 which is still lower than that of Flipkart – $35 for Flipkart against 24 for Myntra.

In fact, in terms of branding, Myntra consistently has better communication and focus in positioning than any other online store. All their ad campaigns establish their online fashion store status and the same is carried through by their celebrity style tips and blockbuster movie inspired collections etc. Even on social platforms, they have a better brand engagement than others.

You may ask if any these really matter or contribute to the shopping experience? Yes, they do. Mc. Donald’s does not make the best burgers, but look at their numbers. Now, down to the scores:


When I trust a website, I have no issues with paying by credit card. Who minds the reward points? So, that’s exactly what I did and didn’t repent.

Order confirmation:

They have their own shipping and tracking page within the website, so no delivery issues that I faced with Pepperfry. You place an order, get mail and phone confirmation. But the delivery boy didn’t call to confirm if we home before coming, which Flipkart and Yebhi guys did.


I ordered a show that came in its own carton and a sealed polybag. Simple and neat, but I have no idea how clothes and other items are packed. But anything is better than the bone fatigue inducing packaging of Snapdeal.

Overall experience:

Great. I have ordered from them twice and it has been an impeccable experience both the times. One of the orders was a pair of shoes, which turned out to be one size smaller. I won’t blame their measurement instructions, which are accurate. Anyhow, I requested an exchange for a bigger size which is not an option. You can only return and then buy the correct size all over again, which is what I did.

This was the first time that I had to return an online order, but the experience was absolutely hassle free.

Any special mentions:

Yes, the delivery and pick up times. I live in South Delhi, which must have been a part of the reason but they are fast. But if you see below, they were actually shipping from Bangalore and the order was delivered within a day. There is a massive ruckus about the damage that Amazon’s same day delivery will cause to the retail stores in US. We are still some time away from that debate here, but Flipkart and Myntra don’t do too bad in terms of hours they take to deliver.

myntra shipping

In fact, I requested a return on an order at twelve in the noon and it was picked up within four hours. They were impressively fast for both my orders. I am sure if I am being unfairly favourable here, please let me know if you had a different experience.

Myntra App Review (update on 2nd Jan,2016)

Though I love shopping via a website more, there is no way of doing that for Myntra. So, given how good the sale was, I downloaded the app and ordered a few things. The Myntra app is a fabulous, even if you don’t like the small screen of apps, this is not that hard to use.

The category selection is in the top right hand drawer and the filters etc are in the bottom. The products are displayed just like they are on the website, though scrolling takes much more time. Only thing you need to do is the moment you like something, you need to wishlist it, it can be pain to look for things that you have scrolled up.


myntra app sales review

myntra app sales review

Payment is as easy as through the website, you need not worry about safety, trust me, I work for an app development company. The products were ordered with ease and the delivery status started showing within half an hour later. Let’s see how the delivery goes.


Too tired to write about Zovi. That’s next up…it’s coming…very slowly.

Update: Zovi shipping is way faster than Myntra. See here

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  • Rajesh Kumar

    Myntra customer care

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  • Malvi Golwala

    I ordered a pair of shoes and by mistake, I ordered a size bigger. I realised this right after it arrived and so did not open the parcel. I opted for an exchange with a smaller size. They exchange was supposed to be after 2-3 weeks, first of all. Before the parcel could be returned for the smaller size, I got a notification that my exchange was cancelled as the product returned was damaged. No one came to take the product back so this notification was crap. I again, put a request for an exchange which will again take 2-3 more weeks. I tried contacting customer service, but there is absolutely no way you can reach and talk to a real person. There is no place you can chat online about it to any customer service representative. This puts me in such a fix. I am travelling out of India and was supposed to get those shoes with me. I would have let them go if they weren’t so expensive. I am so frustrated about the fact that there is absolutely no customer service from this website or, even a legit response to requests, or if it is there it is so so so inaccessible that the customer would get irritated and would give up on the product. This was my first experience with myntra and I shopped a lot from it. I don’t think I will be using again.

  • Tanmay ghosh dastidar

    Never buy from myntra. its has become the worst site to buy apparel. I have stopped purchasing from there.

  • tapan


  • tanmay dastidar

    Myntra was OK before flip-kart acquired it. Not its a big scam of E commerce.

  • tanmay dastidar

    Never ever shop from myntra. They are so unprofessional. Once i purchased a shoe worth 1500 rs. After I received it I wore them to check the size and fit, for hardly 2 minutes at my home. The shoe was slightly big in size so I placed a exchange, and waited for the same. once the pick up boy came to exchange the product I handed him over the product for inspection. On inspecting he told me that the product is used so he can’t accept it. I was astonished by such comment. Any how I contacted customer care several times. shared many fresh pictures (where the condition of the sole was clearly visible). Not even a scratch mark was there on the sole of the boot. The series of mails to customer care started.
    Finally I had to visit the local ware house to meet the head supervisor to show the product. After his words I got my exchange processed

  • Irate customer

    Harassed by Myntra’s customer support team, ordered products worth Rs 13000/- , returned 4 products out of that, Myntra says they have not received any of those products!!!! Instead of questioning their logistics partner they blame the customer that products have not been picked up. There seems to be no co-operation internally within their teams. Got 3 calls from them y’day. First call confirmed that yes products have been picked up by Shadowfax and Blue dart, on 2nd call they say they will have to check the refund status, and the third call – they say that they have not received the products!!!! how ridiculous can they be!!!!
    This non-sense has been going for a month now with no refund to me yet!!! Can anyone advise whom can I escalate this to or should I file an FIR against their logistics partner and Myntra for detailed investigation??
    App deleted permanently from phone – NEVER EVER SHOPPING WITH MYNTRA AGAIN!!!!!!!

  • kurtika

    i have bought a dress from myntra and returned it due to poor quality but i am not getting refund. when i asked them they told me that it was refunded but i didn’t get the money. plz someone recommend me what should i do?

  • Piyush Kaushik

    I purchased Lee cooper sneakers from Myntra, after the next day of delivery i registered complaint but they are denying to replace it while it is defective.
    On the next day of delivery i registered a complaint that shoe is not comfortable , its like there is some hard stuff in left shoe but unfortunately i came to office after wearing the show, and now i feeling uncomfortable and uneasy in sitting and walking. They are saying that it is used while i just used it only one day. I just can say Do not purchase anything from a cheat company.

  • Somnath

    Hi Myntra,

    I bought an item name ‘United Colors of Benetton Men White Perforated Sneakers’ item id Product code: 1446524 and I made this transaction on 18th Dec’16 for Rs.2078. I regret to inform you that I have received my order on 19th Dec’16. When I opened my parcel I shocked because inside of box only one shoe avilabe. Thats mean i can understnd part of order was missing.

    Post that I made call to customer care for the same and raised a complaint against missing item. They gave me commitment that they arrange a pick up take back item and refund my money back. Now today I have received a mail for the same in which Myntra mentioned that your pick up request has been rejected from amazon side and we can’t assist you more and can’t refund your money so, keep this item itself. What the hell is going on what should I do with one shoe, its feel me like you guys making me fool and waste my money and time also.

    I regret to say that there is only false assurance from your side. This is the worst service and item I have seen ever from online shopping portal. This is a type of cheating with customer and fake commitment given from your side. We are surprised for this behavior from a global company like yours, in spite of the seller giving his consent to refund.

    This is a serious matter, and I take it as a case of cheating. I find no other option but to report the matter to a consumer court or grievance as a criminal/ fraud complaint. We have noticed that each time, I have to initiate the dialog there is only assurance from your side, but no real progress. I have told you, my patience is running out now. We never expect this kind of follow up from a global company like Myntra.
    I am giving you few more days before getting into a legal course of action. I want my money back in my bank account as soon as possible and I will share your bed services and poor item feedback on all social media and its really impact on your brand name.
    You guys doing cheating with your customers and making fool all of them.

    Contact with me for the same on “”and “9821196946” is my mobile no.

    If I will not receive the resolution then I will file a claim in Consumer Court for this and it will more pain full for Myntra brand, mark my words you can’t play with your customers like this. I feel like I have been cheated by Myntra. This is my first experience with Myntra , and trusts me, it’s nasty.

    I will ensure you that I am not taking for garneted.

    Hoping you can understand my disappointment and help me out for this.


    • Irate Customer

      Did you get any reply from Myntra?
      I am also harassed by Myntra and need to file an official complaint for cheating customers, can you share which authority did you approach to take up this matter?

  • Mesing

    I placed an order on the 6th of October but it has not been delivered to me yet. On contacting them I received a multitude of apology mails stating that the shipment will reach me soon. I had also made it clear to them that as I had purchased those items on sale so do not want to return it. I logged in to my myntra account this morning to see that the order has been cancelled and returned to its origin! There was no confirmation from their end in the form of a mail or a text message and my money has not been refunded too. I can not digest the fact that such lack lustre service is being meted out to their customers. Hence, I would not recommend myntra to anyone!

  • tanmay dastidar

    Myntra-worst customer service.
    I ordered a casual shoe from
    myntra,order number-148107615 of worth rs 1851?. Unfortunately the size
    of the shoe was too large for me and hence requested an exchange for the
    During the time of exchange the delivery boy Mr Ashok
    yadav,checked the product and informed me that one sole contains some
    dust so he won’t be able to exchange the product. Since there is only
    one way known to mankind to judge the fitting of a shoe and that is by
    wearing it. I explain him that the dust
    particles,which were very minor got stuck during trying out one of the
    shoe from the pair. But he refused to take the product and asked me to
    contact customer care. When I conveyed the incident to the customer care
    they asked me to share the pics of the product. After a day I got an
    email from the customer care (screenshot provide below),where they
    declined my exchange/return request because according to them the
    product was used. The product has its original tag intact including one
    on the sole( pictures provided). I even spoke to senior authority but
    still they are saying that the product is used so can’t take the case
    forward. I am totally done with myntra.
    No wonder flipkart is not
    only successful in acquiring but is also brilliantly contaminated it
    with its customer repelling policies and “we are there to exploit you”
    customer service team.
    Thinking of approaching consumer court.

  • Swati Grover

    Do not buy! Extremely poor quality standards

  • irfan

    Worst E-Commerce in india i tried to buy nike shoes which was cheaper than other sites and paid them through credit card in first attempt they cancelled my order saying that i entered wrong address after 12 days of placing order.I ordered it once again after 15 days of delay they are saying its Non serviceable i don’t know what the hell that mean and again cancelled my order.It’s been a month i haven’t received my refund.No response from customer care as there lines are always busy Worst shopping experience

  • Niel

    Myntra refused to take refund because i lost the polybag in which the product was packed.Please better be careful while returning because they may cancel your refund because of no reason.

  • Rahul Besoya

    Bad experience
    I ordered a roadstar shoes,just tried them n dint liked the product so I raised the return request in just next 4hrs but they declined it,worse shopping experience I have ever had.
    Deleted the app
    I would suggest all other customers not to shop from this site

  • Rajvee Parekh

    Myntra is the worst of all… Never ever buy anything from it…

    I placed order for 3 products from Myntra, the products were to be delivered in two separate packages and this pathetic company chose to cancel my order on their own… I received emails saying me that my orders have been cancelled for they are undeliverable!!!! If they were undeliverable why wasn’t I informed earlier itself??? If the address didn’t come in their territory of delivery why wasn’t I informed at the time of placement of order itself??? And how professional of them to inform me exactly on the day I needed them!!! These people have no sense of responsibility….And then they also have the courage to write in the email that they tried calling me!!!! Wow!!!

  • Shekhar Kumar

    i logged the complaint also but they closed without any update i never recomeeded Myntra for shoping

  • Shekhar Kumar

    I have booked the order for Woodland shoes & I
    received the shoes but in box the old used shoed was there.

    Name – Shekhar Kumar

    Mobile. 9873413733

  • Ganesh

    a long time customer decided to stop shopping on myntra since felt cheated over prices and counterfeit products and poor customer service. its not a big deal just be careful before buying on indian online shopping sites. these are not amazon and will never be.

  • pradosh patra

    myntra people are not professional ,they act like goverment official.Amazon/flipkart/ are way ahead of these retailers and are fara far better.I strongly urge don’t go for myntra even if its 100% off…

  • yamini devi

    Today myntra flat 80% sale and shopping could be done only through mobile and my mobile experience was too bad that filters won’t work in the windowsphone myntra app and does not get logged in ad finally could not place the order

  • revrerr

    Really liked shoppig on Myntra.

    Also found a cashback site which gives extra cashback on every Purchase

    and what’s more this is absolutely free

  • Meeta Singh

    I had a very bad experience when I tried returning an item. It has been 20 days no one has come for pickup despite receiving emails that their agent is out for pick up. Terrible customer serivice

  • Meena

    My experience with Myntra was very nice….Superb communication …. fastest delivery and pick up both….

  • Jatashankar A Shukla S

    oh after reading these many pathetic reviews from myntra i am happy that my order was not delivered

  • Jatashankar A Shukla S

    guys dont ever buy any product from myntra , myntra fools people showing product at very low price but dont deliver it.

    in my case i had ordered nike shoes from myntra which was at same price as of Amazon

    and i did so because i was fool to utilize some 500 rs coupons of myntra

    and that was the biggest mistake i had ever done

    at last myntra dint delivered product , they told it is out of stock and they wont delivering it again.

    at the same time the price of same shoes has gone high as a result i cant afford to buy that shoes

    My lesson from this is that please dont run back for offers or coupons .Please order from trusted sites like Amazon, ebay….and for god sake dont ever buy anything from myntra .

    They will make you cry before delivering product.And at the end myntra gives lame excuse like its out of stock place another order

  • john

    be faithful to your customers, your portal and your employees are surviving through the customers, do not cheat them. of course your profit is important, but not at the cost of your customers faith, be genuine,

    Tag reasonable price, and give some believable offers, not by raising the price so high and then giving 60-70% discount, which is again the over-price for such simple fabrics.

    People prefer online shopping for some reasons, Time is one such reason, do not take advantage, give some worth products, so that we satisfied customers will promote your business and we will market for your online portal.

    Do not earn a bad reputation.
    Really the products are unworthy, what your models wear is different than what we receive. kindly work on it.

  • john

    i recently ordered for a saree from myntra, i got it within 4 days, but
    the quality of the saree is worst, please don’t show worthless offers, i
    ordered just by seeing the 60% offer, actually it is not worth even
    after the discount, do not try to fool the customers, an ordinary saree
    is quoted with the price as Rs.2350 and after 60% discount the price is
    Rs.940, but the fact is the saree is not even worth of Rs.450, Myntra
    made me realize that shopping by look and feel is the best option,
    myntra taught me say a very “GOOD-BYE” and a strong “NO” to online

  • john

    hey post my comment, or else i’ll publish it in news paper.

  • john

    i recently ordered for a saree from myntra, i got it within 4 days, but the quality of the saree is worst, please don’t show worthless offers, i ordered just by seeing the 60% offer, actually it is not worth even after the discount, do not try to fool the customers, an ordinary saree is quoted with the price as Rs.2350 and after 60% discount the price is Rs.940, but the fact is the saree is not even worth of Rs.450, Myntra made me realize that shopping by look and feel is the best option, myntra taught me say a very “GOOD-BYE” and a strong “NO” to online shopping

  • Selva

    Worst and Cheat

    By: itselva007 | few seconds ago

    Delete Photo


    I had worst experience and I never seen such bullshit site forever.

    They declared the offer that EORS(End of Reason Sale from Jan 3rd and 4th) and published in All sites and newspaper.

    But,At the time of ordering and products were not available what ever I am looking it.Then finally struggled and placed the order(Order ID: 70288385) with 3 products and got confirmation as “Order successfully Placed”(refer Screen shot).I was waiting for sms from myntra too and assumed that due to network issue and might not received sms from them.I went and checked in online and status was shown as “Queued”.

    Today morning I got email from myntra stated that “Your order has been cancelled” suddenly without my knowledge and any prior intimation,I got surprised as well,since I did not cancel any order which I eagerly ordered the products for my wife and kid.I was much worried and called customer care and asked them about cancellation and simply they answered that order cancelled due to technical issue and not able to process the order again.Then I asked them to transfer the call to higher officials and replied that they also wil tell the same answer.I dont know how they cancelled my order without my knowledge since I got the confirmation message and status also showing as “queued” in online account as well.They them self taking order and cancelling it and fooling me.

    It seems myntra is very worst online shopping site and we dont know about order will placed or not.So dont trust them and belive their fake offers which is not real one.using our laziness and money and they are trying to fool and cheat us.

    Better go and purchase in some other genuine online shopping portal instead of purchasing in worst

    Myntra site also not good and working properly,then customer support also helpless and answerng the same thing to us again and again.

    Finally,I would not recommend to anyone to go and purchase with them,since we dont know when will they cancel our order without our knowledge,



  • Please mind your language in the comment section. You can write negative reviews, but I will delete anything with vile abusive terms in it

  • Ankita

    Never ever preferred MYNTRA. i have not ever seen from any e-commerce .

    MYNTRA’s service is fake(No service for 24*4). My return refund is still pending. As i mailed Transaction list, that i didn’t get any payment. Still they said transaction is done due to some technical issue is not showing….
    They put you on waiting mode for 24, 48 ,72 hours which are never done…..
    No idea with the customer service or return policies.

    AS AMZON return my money with in week.

  • Rajath

    I had one of the worst experience with Myntra.
    I exchanged Shoe 3 times and even for once they did not give me right size i ordered for.
    First I ordered Indian 9 and it was like Indian 11 then I exchanged for Indian 8 size and they gave Indian 10 and finally exchanged for 3rd time asking Indian 7 but still I got Indian 10. So either they donot have right size or they want to push away products. Finally I have to return ask the money back.
    I hope this helps people and please donot order footware from Myntra.

    Oh ya forgot mention the quality, the shoe lase of the shoe I got was so delicate, it got cut with little amount of force. 🙂 I manged to hide it and send it back.

    Yeah the product was not some stupid brand, it was Mast and Harbour.

  • Deepika

    I was just checking reviews for Yepme. Had withdrawn an order from Myntra owing to their return policy (I prefer to get refund in cash and not points). So got interested in Myntra review as well and see what I found overall experience is ditto copy paste from this blog..seems I am not going to check Yepme ever again.

  • Ms Patil

    #*# Fault was totally at Myntra’s side.

    They do not care or try to understand your concern and that is ridiculous

    1. They deliver wrong product.. took ages to understand my problem. Does not show status of return request.

    2. If you place it again then you would hear a rude reply from on call people asking you to continue only one request id.

    3 .If you demand to talk with higher authority then they say but will NOT schedule a call as promised.

    4. they say they have returned the money but you wont get in the account. They will share some screen shot to prove the refund which will NOT have your name/ order id/ account number.

    Very disappointed and painful experience I have got.

    Order placed on 14-Aug 2014

    Return request raised on : 20-Aug 2014

    Money received on 19-Sep 2014

  • Jyoti H
    Terrible Customer service/ waste of time/ ill trained staff/ fraud discount coupons

    spent 2 hours selecting all that I wanted sitting in Australia. applied the coupon IND42 for their freedom sale. got the discount and waited for the next day to pay as had to confirm the size. The couple didn’t work even though it was still valid.
    Called them from Australia. Was on phone with them for 45 mins on ISD…..with no result or explanation.
    I was so furious at their incapabilities…. which were several..
    What a Waste of time and I what a bunch of untrained buffoons!

  • Jyoti H

    spent 2 hours selecting all that I wanted sitting in Australia. applied the coupon IND42 for their freedom sale. got the discount and waited for the next day to pay as had to confirm the size. The couple didn’t work even though it was still valid.
    Called them from Australia. Was on phone with them for 45 mins on ISD…..with no result or explanation.
    I was so furious at their incapabilities…. which were several..
    What a Waste of time and I what a bunch of untrained buffoons!

    Terrible Customer service/ waste of time/ ill trained staff/ fraud discount coupons

  • roopa

    shopping in myntra was a very good experience but the drawback or the problem i faced is when i have placed a return request, almost 2 months done even now the request is in the same state , very poor returns handling.

  • rajesh singh

    had a bad experience with myntra. they are careless about the size u hav ordered and upon a complaint they say very humbly that sir pls fill the return form and return it back to us. we will arrange cashback in ur account with 100 rs courier reimbursement. they will always say that they dont hav pickup facilty from ur city. why? if u can deliver it then y cant u pick it back and deliver me the right one at ur cost. there is no courier service delivering the products in 100 rs now a days. y should i take the pain for ur mistake and bear extra courier charges……..

  • Purva

    Myntra’s return policy sucks when you self ship. These people receive the parcel and don’t accept it at all. Not proper response is given even when you give them sufficient proof of delivery.
    Very bad expierence, waste of money

    • Madan

      Verry good

  • Varun

    Please do not buy from, after purchase you will be automatically added to their spam list and they will flood your mobile inbox with spam. I am getting more than 10 spam sms’es daily on my mobile. I made a purchase and now regretting my decision to go with Myntra. I am struggling with them for the last 10 days. Customer care always make silly excuses like yesterday was Sunday or System is down or we will arrange a call back to you but nothing works. They have given a fake number to optout from this spam list but obviously it is not working. It is a premium number so premium charges will be deducted each time you send a sms to optout from their spam list.

    Stay away from Myntra.

  • Indu

    Please do not buy any product from myntra.

    I have placed 2 orders with myntra. both bad experience.

    !st order- Ordered 2 kurtas(1 had size issue. thy send whatever is availbale in their wearhouse. or size chart is incorrect. One kurta was not even delivered because of some issues. Some superviosr promised to deliver it after it reached back the inventory.. but I did not receive anything.

    2nd order – I was cheated again. I ordered a size. they sent the smaller size for both the kurtas. and none of the customer care representatives are helpful. they keep on syaing the other person is not available. I am tired of explaining this issue to everyome. If they are supposed to call you back , you will never receive a call or response. Some ticket was logged for call back turn around time was 24 hours. after 48 hours also I did not receive a call.

    Don know what to do..

  • Tushar

    Myntra always amazes me with its super fast delivery and also I’ve returned quite a few items which was also quite quick except a single time but that’s fine. Always had a good experience with Myntra.

  • Ajith

    The only problem I had with Myntra is that I got a fake pair of Converse. At that time, I didn’t know it, but later I saw the originals and felt cheated. Only shopped with them again to redeem a return refund.

    • Ashish

      Had a similar experience with Myntra recently. How did you process the refund? I see no way to do so as my 30 days are already over.

    • kurtika

      i am also having the same problem. so may i know how did u solved it?

  • Deepa

    Had a really great experience with Myntra. Ordered for a sandal in evening and got the delivery next day morning at 9. Realized the size was bigger, opted for exchange a week later. Got the exchanged product next day morning again at 9. Delivery is really fast. I suggest this service to everyone. Even products are packed very nicely.

  • human2011

    Myntra is seriously fast. My colleague ordered T-shirts and shoes and got them in less than 15 hours. I was seriously impressed by their blazing fast speed. It’s sad that Amazon has introduced extra charge on same day delivery.

  • Saurav Verma

    My experience was shit!

    I bought a pair of shoe from Myntra for Rs.2833, under GOSF. Myntra sent me wrong pair and after 10 days they told me they will give full refund.

    Firstly the sold the shoe which they did not have in first place
    Secondly, the blocked my money for 11 days(probably invested in share market or so)

    Moreover they now have the same shoe, but do not want to sell it in same price because GOSF is over.

    Cheap Bastards!

  • Sanjana

    Glad that your experience was good, I’m sure the products are going to be good, but the delivery guys myntra employs are ill mannered rude and uncooperative, you can’t always be at home, and these guys are not ready to give you a time frame, or in the least call you 15 minutes before delivery, further this guy behaved as if the worls was at his feet and was very rude with my mom
    I’ve faced the same problem with their customer care employees as we’ll