Bhulla Tal Lake, Lansdowne

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In my last post on our trip to Lansdowne, I had mentioned how small the town is. There is practically nothing to do here and that’s how I love it. You can go up and down the hill, but you will have better sights if you just sat down in a place.

Bhulla Tal lake is one of the few tourist attractions. The churches of Lansdowne , the bazaar and the lake are on one road. It’s straight up the hill. They all come one after the other like milestones.

bhulla tal lake in lansdowne hills

We drove up to Bhulla Tal Lake. It was late winters, so parking was easy. There is a nursery at the entry that we bought a few plants from and got all the way back to Delhi. The feat does not call for a repeat. As per the lake itself, it’s a huge pond. Nothing wrong with it, but I won’t call it a lake. There is an iron bridge across, across is nothing.

bhulla tal lake

bhulla tal

bhulla tal bridge'

You can sit around, watch the ducks, go boating, sleep under the trees, go dangerously close to the deep end of the water and get hollered at by the guards. There isn’t much to do. Sometimes, it’s a gift. Carry a book and some snacks – we have spent countless hours doing just that in the hills. If you go to McLeodganj, you will find the coolest spot close to the graves. Lie down and you can finish one without getting up. This time, we forgot to pack the right mood.

bhulla tal lansdowne

There is a restaurant on the banks. Give it a miss unless you are too hungry.We spent less than an hour there. The place is small and when there are too many people, it may just defeat the purpose of being there. But there are many corners in the hill. Find your place and tuck in.

bhulla tal lake in lansdowne