Peeing in Japanese

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Bangkok is spotlessly clean but it’s hard to find a public toilet within the city streets. Tourist places have plenty. So, as a last resort, I walked into a Japanese restaurant near Sala Daeng station for a beer and a pee.
Sadly, they could not serve beer till 5 in the evening. Some rule that bars restaurants from serving alcohol before 5 pm. Even Seven Elevens that sell alcohol have these time rules.

Anyway, in the absence of beer, I ordered a chicken thigh and ginkgo. Came for less than 200 Indian rupees and the thigh was one of the best I have bit into. No pun intended. Ginkgos were a first for me. The superfood tasted like a hard, not sweet, crunchy raisin. I planned on going back for a full meal but never had the time.

grilled chicken thigh japanese bangkok

japanese restaurant in bangkok