Something shady about Delhi restaurant prices

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vertigo bar bangkok

Every time, we go out of Delhi, I feel rich. Other Indian cities don’t compare. Bombay, Bangalore, Chennai, Pondicherry etc are way cheaper. No expensive restaurant there would shock you. In Bangkok, Vertigo, which is on 62nd floor and is ranked one of the best bars in the world had dishes and drinks priced around 900 rupees (450 baht). The drinks came with 2 chips and wasabi peanuts. Then with food, we got a bag of chips and prawn and mayo complimentary. We ate at other places in Sathorn, near embassies etc and all of them cost less than 500 buck per dish.

Why is Delhi so expensive compared to other cities? I was paying at places in Shilom as I pay for a home delivery from a takeaway in Dwarka. Bars won’t offer peanuts here. Every time I have raised a point that there is some criminal collusion to keep Delhi prices high, folks have come down on me. But don’t give me that stupid argument about real estate and costs etc. Yes, taxes are high but there is something shady about Delhi for sure.