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summer foods

Some folks are picky eaters. And, summers are the worst times for them. There are less vegetables, as the common refrain goes. But is that wholly true? We are a tropical country after all. Summers can’t be that good.

Though, these days, we get most vegetables round the year, most are seasonal. Only idiots eat cauliflowers in summer. Anyway, summers are a bounty if you are not a difficult person.

Let’s count – jackfruit, gourds (ash, bitter, snake, bottle, pointed), squash, pumpkin, cucumber, papaya, okra and then the fruits.

How many know you can make curries with fruits? Mangoes, pineapples and watermelon are cooked in different parts of India as curries. Even, ripe mangoes. Then, there is cucumber that’s curried too.

So, if you are a learned foodie, you tell summers ”bring it on” And, that brings us to our next event. More on this after the event.