The story of pakhala and Odia decline

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Odias were a prosperous people. You know, Kalinga, Utkala, shipping prowess, java, sumatra and all that. They also invented head transplant before Ganesha’s doctors did and aeroplanes before Ravana did.

Then, some jealous race planted this dude insidious character among Odias. The character created something called Pakhala.

Within a generation, Odias stopped all shipping bullshit. Within five, they stopped going out of Odisha. By twentieth century, Odias were used to sleeping 12 hours a day, rarely stepping out of the house and generally being lazy losers.

This is the real history behind the decline of a great culture. This also explains why I am doing what I am doing in life and not digging dinosaur fossils in Antarctica. Such potential wasted due to Pakhala.