Misti doi and Bengali conversion ritual

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misti doi

Misti doi. Say that in your head, now move slowly move to the tip of your tongue. Say it silently on your lips.

Now, say it loudly.

Mubarak ho, aap baangaaali ban giya ho. This is the conversion ritual that bongs use to convert others. The moment you say misti the way they say it, that sensuous halt on the S, like a skid mark on the road, sssss, coming to a sudden stop, you are half a bong.

Doi. There is no h. They are the only ones who have a version of dahi which does not have a H in it. And, then there is the O. When you open your lips to say O, when mouth starts to look like one end of a drain pipe, you are three quarters a bong.

Then, there is the thing that the pronunciation does to you. Misti Doi. The moment you say it, you feel as if you have touched yourself wrongly, as if you have spent all your sensuality in front of the mirror. You get a feeling of self importance that is extravagant and vain. Doi. Like you climbed a hill and come down too soon, the I takes a massive dip and it leaves you with the same feeling that premature ejaculation gives on first laying.

You may feel I am being an idiot. But keep saying the words, you will see it. Suddenly, out of the fog, my words will look like the neon lights that will show you the path.