A practical son’s message on Mothers Day

Categories Humour

Dear Ma,

You pampered me too much. I am still having issues when colleagues don’t hug me every morning.

My teeth were never too big. I was never too dark. My deeds were never too bad. I turn violent when someone criticises me.

You fed me whatever I wanted. No ugly veggies, no milk today, I hate fish. Gobi pakoda please. You should look at my BMI today.

I ruled over my sisters. I ruled over you. I was the SON. My wife got a promotion, I think I will make her quit her job.

Ma, I am not the best in the world. You are far from perfect. I am glad you and dad were not daily labourers. So, I won’t send you to an old age home.

Keep making the daal chawal, you can never get the pasta right.

And, ma, get real.


Son you can’t get rid of