‘Rape’ in food writing: tell me I am wrong

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marryam reshii food rape comment

I stress about a lot of things, so this may not be a big deal. But I have been stressing about it since yesterday, that makes it one. I came across a tweet from a food writer that equated Chinese dosa with rape of food.

Now, to me, it is not about political correctness or feminism or sensitivity at all. It is about English. Rape has a meaning and it does not mean this. I have asked her on twitter, hope she takes it down. She was responding to a post about ä place that serves ” 84 types of dosas.” That is ‘rape’ of food!!!

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Lately, there has been a lot of effort made to rectify the way we use words, so in some reverse Pavlovian dog style it may change our thought processes. Given that most food writers are really horrible writers in general, this may serve as a reminder. Be specific when you pick words. How many have used orgasmic to describe a food experience? You really need to experience an orgasm or revisit school.

Most people had no opinion or responses, one Facebook friend thought it was alright. His exact words: So by that logic we shouldn’t say “death by chocolate” because it’s insensitive to the deceased? Or chocolate “bomb” because it’s insensitive to the evils of war? I respectfully disagree with you Om, language means different things to different people but context is key.

So, all of us who have been talking about sensitization, non-generic usage of the term and who took objected to Salman Khan and his rape comment recently are just unhappy souls who are too frustrated to make a fuss about anything.

I don’t think that is true. Where do you stand?