Standing for national anthem: The secret revealed

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Aaj ka bawal wala mudda – national anthem pe dharti pe bojh daalna

The newspaper had a report that they want the same implemented in Delhi. Some lunatic has gone to the courts asking them for speedy implementation. But both central and Delhi govt have not responded for months.

They know better, this is not Mumbai. There are no Shivaji offsprings here. Delhi would stand up and dance for Honey Singh and Badshah but a 70 year old track which has not even been remixed!!

Anyway, the report said earlier, even in Mumbai, they started by playing the anthem after the movie. Did not work. Folks were in too much hurry to go home. So, they shifted it to before the movie and BOOM, ABRACADABRA, ….whatever…magic happens. A million patriots are born.

You drive through Mumbai traffic. See those popcorn prices, stand in a queue because your partner makes a kissy face and wants them. The tickets are expensive and the one you are with may not be your fav person in the world.
Now, put yourself in their shoes – who won’t look for an excuse to beat up a guy? There can be a TV series on this, narrating how different people end up in a theater and turn into monsters.

Title : Deshprem. Ek ehsaas nahin, ek bhadas.