Rock garden, Chandigarh

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rock garden chandigarh india

Chandigarh is a good place to be in when the weather is good. If you are travelling from Delhi, Chandigarh is good for a weekend stay. Hotels usually offer good deals, there are good old and new hip places to eat at and then you can always spend the afternoons in the rock garden and spend the evenings at the Sukhna Lake.

The rock garden, by the way, is not what it used to be. They are expanding the garden and now there is a wide open section at the end that is currently under construction. So, if you suffer from claustrophobia and avoided Rock Garden, now there is a break to breathe.

Talking of claustrophobia, the place is crowded and can be crammy at a few places. As someone with a serious back problem, the Garden has inescapable low arched passages that will bring you down on your knees by the time you come out.

I have been trying to find out if the creator of the garden Nek Chand didn’t rise too high from the ground and it was his way of revenge. But the articles don’t mention his height and we are at a loss to explain why the passages are so stunted.

Among the usual sights that a Google image search will show in ample detail, you will come across one item of tech that almost everyone in Chandigarh is obsessed with – the selfie stick. You will see it in parks, malls, restaurants. And there are enough people bunched around selfie stick trees within the garden itself.

One last word of caution – the parking lot is a mess. Park outside and walk if you can. The parking was built for last decade and clearly can’t handle the current level of traffic.

rock garden chandigarh india

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rock garden chandigarh

rock garden in chandigarh

rock garden

  • Yogi Saraswat

    Beautiful place to visit with Family.

    • Develop a back problem and then we will talk, and if a child asks to be carried 😉