Holy Cow, Paharganj

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cow paharganj

cow paharganj

This one is a real cow, not the steel one I wrote about earlier. This cow, may be, lost a twin. But a woman earned her living for a lifetime. As I took the photo, a woman walked towards me, asking for money. She had put the calf on a goods carrier, did enough to deify the animal with a statue and a poster etc.

The carriage stopped in front of every alternate shop and did the passive religious bullying. I didn’t see anyone paying, not so say no one did. I would like believe that no one paid, cow india went out of business and the cow was set free and it went to seduce a few bulls with nailwork done on those extra pair of feet on the back.

But we run on religion. After decades of chasing secular goals, we now run on only one fuel – religion. And, the world won’t run of this fuel anytime soon.

cows paharganj

And, this is the steel cow that I talked about in the first para. How come you did not know? May be, we are not connected on FB – here we go https://www.facebook.com/theyoungbigmouth/