Amla Barfi from Pratapgarh

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pratapgarh amla barfi

Came face to face with this sweet little thing in office today. A new joinee from Pratapgarh shared these sweet, gooey, sticky, soft but non stretchy amla barfis. A very mild taste of amla, though. I didn’t even know where Pratapgarh was till five minutes ago.

pratapgarh amla barfi

As a friend informed, the barfi is  a byproduct of amla processing.  Pratapgarh has extensive amla plantations and amla processing units. When they make amla candy or other amla products, a lot of amla flavoured sugar syrup is produced and that is turned into burfi. So, what I was so excited about is actually a byproduct!

amal barfi from UP pratapgarh

amala barfi from pratapgarh

  • Aman


    Amla Barfi is not the “By Product” of Amla Processing into Murabba or Candy, infact there is a completely different process to manufacture Amla Barfi.

  • Still not tasted, but want to try it. It looks Yummy.