What makes a blogger happy

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Visitors? Of course.

Comments? Too obvious.

Fame? When you get it, yes.

Appreciation? This is the currency that works in the blogging world. Give some, get some. It makes bloggers happy, but that’s not the answer.

Money? Even in movies, where all improbable things happen, I have never seen a rich blogger.

I have been writing about what makes us blog and how we blog for sometime now. Mostly about the Focused Vs. Freestyle blogging. There are no definite answers, so I can never be wrong. Who does not love a subject like that?

I will tell you what made me so happy. It’s Google Sitelinks. I can totally understand if you are disgusted and wish never to come back here. So, let me make my case anyway. I work for an internet marketing company and everything associated with Google is seen as an achievement or success. Google is the impartial, universal internet deity that measures all your blogging karma  and assigns you a place in the netverse. Your rankings for different keywords, Page Rank, site links, indexed pages – these are all signs from the deity. And I track all of them.

That is why, I am so excited about the sitelinks. I know I have not done all that should be done to please Google. I have not set up Google Webmaster Tools, I have not created a XML sitemaps, heck, I don’t even have a RSS Feed. My blog’s Facebook and Twitter pages are virgin territories and I have not even thought about a Google Plus page yet. My blog is about a year old and there are just about 50 posts online.

So, while during one of my vanity search sessions today, I noticed I have got sitelinks. And, a whole $%#&*@$ box of 6. If you think I am a show off, let me tell you grand dad blogger Kiruba has 4 and the Miss awesome Everywhereist (who is a compulsive but amazing blogger) has 6. So, you see the point.

Sorry Google for cribbing about algorithm earlier. I accept your apologies as I hope you have done the same with mine. Let us make peace.

Btw, what’s your score ?

google sitelinks

  • Zero?  I had no idea sitelinks existed.  Yet another thing I don’t know about blogs, even though I have one.  I still haven’t figured out how to add an fb ‘like’ button to the bottom of my posts.  

    • Congratulations! You are living in blogging bliss. Don’t get into this dirty dirty world of numbers and social media. It does not add to your blogging karma.

    • Hey, quite a few nice pics on your blog. And you have a whopping 23 facebookers liking your blog. You got nothing to complain about 🙂

  • Hey, I liked the way you put it and I agree with most of it. But if you don’t think I am being conceited or something, at times I just write for writing’s sake.

    • Yeah, one can’t depend on external motivations to blog. It never lasts. But who can say no to a little surprise every now and then 🙂