Google’s motherly love & why it’s not fair!

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Google loves blogspot over wordpress. Every mother will say that’s fair. Thank god, mothers don’t run the world. There is room left for reason and rationale.

I registered theyoungbigmouth on and around year back. Like all people who take blogging seriously, it had a disastrous effect on me. I had nightmares about writing and feared I can never do it. So, I promptly forgot all about it.

(About) nine months later, I started posting my first few blogs. I decided to use the wordpress domain over blogspot for the true blood blogger value, the sleeker dashboard and the numerous themes. I had also been to a few Wordcamps and fell in love with Matt and the whole wordpress movement (can this be called a movement?). This may have swayed me unconsciously too. But this whole discussion is immaterial, anyway. Let’s get back to my grievance.

Like all sincere bloggers, I will post a blog and immediately search in Google to see how fast it gets indexed. Initially, it took about 12 hours. After another ten to twelve posts, crawlers will index my new posts almost immediately.  I was a hero.

Not so fast, it seems. Apart from tracking the indexing time, I was also searching for the domain name almost every day (Confession: 15-20 times every day). Heights of vanity search, you will say. But I learned a few things from it too, you see.

I was mostly searching for “theyoungbigmouth.” For this term, the wordpress domain, on which I was making the posts, came up top. The phrase being such a non-sense and unique, my blog was on all three phases. Yes, all individual blogs posts categories, archives and Stumbleupon pages were indexed. The blogspot domain wasn’t anywhere in sight.

theyoungbigmouth search result
But things changed radically when I searched for “the young bigmouth” – three separate words with spaces. I wanted to see if I dominated that as well. Day after day, post after post, I failed to show up for this. At least, the wordpress one did. The blog hosted on blogspot, to my surprise, was ranked number three without a single post.

blogspot ranking for young big mouth

I know blogging is all about patience and it is too early to worry about brand name. But where did I go wrong? I don’t know much about how search engines work, but I know enough. I can’t understand why this will happen, apart from motherly love!