Tasted Aapsosh yet?

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aapsosh sivsagar assam

This sweet is called aapsosh, meaning regret. That’s absosh, I know, but you know how the bongs turn every a into aa and b to p and all that. This is from Sivsagar, a small but historically critical city in upper Assam. It was the capital of Ahom kingdom and is one of the most important sites, globally, for shiva worshipers. The only other site that comes close is Lingaraj temple in Bhubaneswar.

Anyway, back to aabsosh. It is half chhena and half khoya. Some clever marketing guy at a local sweet shop Paradise named it that way. The shop is gone but the recipe has remained. This one is from Saikia Bakery. The idea goes one step ahead of bombay ka laddu- aabsosh implies that you will regret if you don’t have it and will regret once you do because you did not have enough.