The book to read on Hinduism is not on Hinduism

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empires of the indus

Some books take you on a journey and drop you right at the starting point. Some others have no such noble intentions. They take you through narrow lanes, open fields and lonely stretches from which there is no way back.

This book is one of the latter sort. When I read love in the times of cholera in college, I had fever, like real fever. Before that it was Chandrara Mryutu, an Odia fiction titled death of the moon.

This book is about a lone woman who crosses and re-crosess Pakistan and Afghanistan border, sometimes illegally, stays at the tribal’s houses and traverses the whole lengths of Indus telling us stories and legends of pirs, Alexander, rig Veda, Kings and wars and Gods.

This book tells you how complex Hinduism is, how diversely Islam is practiced and how Indian culture is well beyond our current understanding. All this told not in an academic style but gripping thriller way. Available on Amazon.

  • Durga Prasad Dash

    Seems to be an interesting book