Hoping Delhi does not have the Mumbai spirit

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The Mumbai spirit is they go to office and carry on as usual even when the city is under 3 feet of sewage water.

The Chennai spirit is they will take a boat and give food to some old person who has gone hungry for three days in due to flood.

The Bangalore spirit they can drive past toxic foam from lakes, take photos and upload on Facebook and carry on as usual.

The Delhi spirit is when the air is poison at 999, children will be sent to school, we will come to office, everything will go as they do every other day.

We close our eyes, we bear and live on. That is not human spirit. That is lack of a choice and lack of will to change things and demand more. In UP children are dying but the government is launching hospitals for cows.
India is a massive UP and UP is a massive sewer. But that apart, I guess after resisting the idea of moving out, this is the time to make an effort towards it.