Kissing and ease of doing business

Categories Humour

Next time you kiss, think about ease of doing business. It is not romantic, it is not love, it is not an expression of affection. It is ease of doing business. Why do we chose lips over anything else? We hands of course, but that is friendly.

Then, what is it about lips that makes them such reservoirs of love? Why do they get to be the love ambassadors and not …..let’s say….ears? Why can’t you touch your left ears to someone else’s right ones? Even thinking about it is awkward. Also, what if someone has a lose sense of direction and always touches you with the wrong ear? Do you have to break up?

Why not bang foreheads? Too soft and you don’t have passion in your love. Too hard and it is painful. Why not noses? Because long kissing may choke and kill your lover. Why not bumping chests? Half the men can’t because of their bellies.

It is not that we only use lips, we use other body parts to show love. But that is like extreme love. When it comes to easy, moderate, publicly decent expression, the lips have it. But so long as you remember it is simply ease of doing business that got lips the deal. Nothing else.