The rice siblings

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There are three kids in the family. The younger is all nonsense, mischievous, gets into all sorts of trouble. Nothing is out of bounds for her, she can do anything she wills to. She is also incredible fun, full of zest, laughs like a wild kid and every one loves her.

The middle kid is more serious, a workhorse of sorts, does all the heavy lifting for the family and chips in when the younger one just can’t do it. he is reliable, dependable and there is nothing that he won’t do when called upon.
The oldest one is all snooty and high brow. She can be fun but rarely agrees to be. She has class, she is eclectic but when she gets involved, she can raise hell but getting her to play is quite a task.

Now, let me tell you who the siblings are. The youngest one is mudhi, the middle one is chuda and the oldest being khai.