How middle India treats its maids

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If someone tells our maid that i called her a maid in a blogpost, she will slap me. She has slapped me, on the back (not on the face, thankfully), when I walk on the floor she has just cleaned.

She will reprimand us if we eat out and the food she cooked is untouched, she will taunt,she will joke and she will shout back when in a bad mood. She has a spare key to the house and we only see her on weekends. Throughout the week, she does what she wants and she knows what the house and her kids need.

And then she talks of the other houses she works in. Here are a few examples from her experiences:
1. No hot water in winters
2. No bathroom access
3. No tum, only tu
4. Salary deductions even when employers go out
5. Salary deductions for no apparent reason
6. Abusive language
7. No one stood up when the guards harassed her. We threatened the guards with police complaint and sorted it.
8. Too much work, a few won’t get up for tea and a glass of water

So, here is my message to Mahagun Moderne and Dwarka residents and all of you who have different rules for maids and demand different rules in their workplaces – Rot in hell or die such horrible deaths that your condition becomes an example.