Tasted a coconut sprout?

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coconut sprout chennai

Have you ever tasted these? These are coconut sprouts. I don’t know how to grow these. I have seen coconuts fresh of the trees which have these and then there were a few that were plucked and stores and grew sprouts. I am from the coastal belt but have no idea how to cultivate this. Leaving the coconut on the tree until it matures may be the way.

The point being if you don’t see it on a cart like I did, I don’t know how else you can have it. I spotted these in T Nagar, Chennai, close to Pothys store. Came for 40 bucks in a city that is otherwise much cheaper. So, it is that rare.

It tastes like a toddy palm fruit or Palmyra fruit that has grown old and has become fibrous. I always loved it and was glad that I got another chance to taste it.

coconut sprouts


coconut chennai


  • Arun G

    It is available in all seasons ???