About wine, cheese and food snobs

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There have been a few cheese posts lately. I could write this as a comment but this is not about cheese. This is about cheese and wine and anything that is seen as high brow. I usually stay away from all such posts as my experience with both cheese and wine is like less than 2 years old. Never had too much money or inclination for either and both were paraded as such high trends that people like me stayed out because of reverse-disdain.

But now i understand that such posturing does not do any good to such products. If sula is not a wine, how many in India are drinking wines? If Amul is not a cheese, how many can afford cheese?

As food writers, it is our job to help people understand and be open to trying different foods. not be snobbish, intimidate and shut people out.

Paneer is food, veg biryani is a biryani, soya chaap can be brilliant. Whatever your food biases are, people, go to the toilet and shout them out. Come out as a decent conservationist who is interested in food and people and how they interact. On the other hand, if your opinion is set in concrete, may you be in the shape of a pole and may us all be dogs.