Service charge is in restaurants is a giant scam

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The guy who gives me a haircut spends 45 excruciating minutes on how to hide the whites and the bald. The salon, yes I go to a salon, has never slid a line in the bill or winked at me for a tip.

But since morning most restaurateurs have come out saying how if you don’t pay service charge, you are robbing poor dish washers and service staff of their due. Imagine the owner of a for-profit enterprise saying his staff needs public charity to be paid.

Here are a few parallels.

When the sweeper asks for extra money for service, we call it bakshish.
When a peon asks for extra money, we call it bribe.
When a don asks for security as a service, we call it extortion.
When a corporate does not include it in MRP and still makes you pay for it, we call it malpractice.

Only restaurateurs can make paying their staff your job and shame you if you don’t.