Taco Bell, Vasant Kunj

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taco bell delhi

Okay, somehow, it has come to occur that I have not written much about fast food places. I love fast food, I can’t have enough of them, I would love to eat burgers and fries all day long and die early. But, somehow, none of this has shown on the page.

So, I am correcting that. I am confessing that I love Taco Bell. The place does not look like a fast food place, is never too crowded, is not bright but standard looking and the menu has more than burgers. Actually, no burgers.
I have tried the soft tacos, the hard shell tacos and the potatoes. The soft ones are way way better than the hard shell ones and the potatoes are so cheap and good you wont mind binging on them. Try them, let me know.

taco bell delhi