The slow cooked rightism of Pushpesh Pant

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Pushpesh Pant – many on my friend list would already know how many times he has gone back and forth on origin of cheese debate in India. I don’t know his stand yet. Only a couple of months back, he spoke at a food and governance session – rabidly attacking the government and showing off his leftist badges.

Then he got an award which at best was given to the oldest guy in the business. What most of us know and never say is his food credentials are suspect at best.

Now, he signs a petition with Swapan Dasgupta and Anupam Kher. Mr. Pant, if you deserved the award, you would have proudly remained what you were – a leftist. Now you blame jnu students, ultra leftists and not say a word about the police, lawyers or govt.

You were never really a great food writer. Now you have sold your s