The Muslim Colleague

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I have a Muslim relative. Works in a very large, very well know MNC. Been there for 20 years. Now at a very senior position. Known for mild manners and working on Sundays he had a steady growth.

All was well until a couple of months back. Then the conversations began. Everyone talked politics at lunch. Together. Then they started to talk in groups. Less and less at lunch. Not all conversations were hostile, but they were exclusive. The love jihad, the conversions, the Hindus who are taking their country back – you can’t talk about all this with a Muslim friendly colleague.

The Muslim friendly colleague was spared such conversations. Then a few stopped having any conversation. He is not outspoken like many of us, he never took anyone on, he has no other skills. Suddenly, he has no colleagues.

This year, when Eid comes, he will plan to take biryani and kebabs like every year. I hope someone in office will share the food.