The World Is A Better Place

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One purpose of being on social media is to rage when no one is. The other purpose is to pacify when everyone else is. After Sydney, Belgium, Manipur and Peshawar in less than 48 hours, most people have categorically stated that the world is its worst and humanity is at its nadir. Precisely why, I decided to point out why despite all the terrorism etc, these are the best times for the human species.

1. Global outrage itself is a new phenomenon –
Earlier global outrage meant statements by representatives from a few countries. For the first time, global outrage implies a billion individual voices. People across the border talk to each other directly and demand peace.

2. Human rights is a thing now –
Yup. That’s a twentieth century innovation. Political rights, civil rights and now we talk about privacy rights. Women didn’t have voting rights fifty years back and now many countries have given equal status to gays and lesbians. That’s evolution.

3. The best of humanity outclases the worst –
The worst of humanity today is not any worse than before. Centuries of slavery, burning of a million women as witches, enthnic cleansing, we have never been angels. But today, New York comes to halt over a black murder. Charity has become truly global. There are drives not just to save humans but animals.

In today’s world of social media and live coverage, every tragedy seems to take place in our own backyard. But to lose hope and deny that we are evolving faster than ever before is far too pessimistic. Rage against the crimes of humanity but accept that this rage also signifies we have come a long way.