Anarchy – Fair or cruel term to explain Aam Admi Party’s latest methods?

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In Indian politics symbolism is ..almost everything. AAP got votes and accolades on that basis. No lal batti, no kothi…now people ask why Delhi is turning against AAP in twenty days?

Because, the symbolism has changed. This time, it’s not the people blocking roads and closing metro stations. It’s the government. A govt whose leaders speaks a new arrogant language:

“constitution badal dalenge”
“republic day parade nahin hone denge”
“main CM hun, kahin bhi baithunga”
“danda maro, police theek ho jayegi”

I am the law minister, so I will summon judges to my chamber, and I will order police to arrest women. Even when the law forbids to arrest women after 9pm. Then, the lie about the Ugandan govt writing them a letter…

Cholbe na can be a short term movement, but it has been a disaster when it has become a culture. Arrogant self-righteousness , whether moral, religious or regional, have always led to creation of disruptive forces, not agents of lasting change.

That’s why, the term anarchy is being used for Aam Admi Party and, in my opinion, rightly so.

  • Hariharan Vs

    Agreed. Rightly so.