Wishing death

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Had a debate with a few friends about death and if we can wish it on others, especially parents. I said we can wish it on anyone. When someone is terminally ill, many of us wish death than prolonged suffering. I have so many friends who have been releived when parents passed away.

The sort of moral hegemony that nooooo, i will never wish death for anyone is idiotic and very un-Hindu. Of all religions, it is Hinduism that not just tells you to be indifferent but accept and mock death. While many have seeked enternal life, it has also been used as a curse.

In Mahabharat, Ashwathhama was cursed with eternal life and Bhism had iccha-mrityu. He would die only when he wished to. For Ashwathhama, it was given as a curse. The other wanted to die and be released but had to go through hell before he could.

Ashwathhama unleashed the brahmashtra, the ultimate weapon. Lord Krishna asked him to take it back. He said he did not know how. He said he can only redirect it. He aimed it at the Pregnant Uttara and it killed her unborn child. This angered Krishna as violence against an unborn child is most heinous. He cursed Ashwathhama that he will never heal from his battle wounds and will leave forever. His curse was to live with his deeds. Thus death is a desirable thing and should be wished. Will tell the story of Bhisma later.