PVR Anupam complex is not dead

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PVR Anupam is. It’s still the old theater with no legroom, the size of a drawing room. Just that the sounds is too loud for a small room and that is good at some times. The loos are clean and the food counters are decent too.

But, more than the theater, I thought the PVR Anupam complex was dead, way past its glory days. I expected a crematorium type of scene there. But on a weekday, at 11 in the night, it was more like a new circus in town. New restaurants have opened, the old Anand dhaba etc are all there and there were more than a few single women smoking away on benches in jammies, all alone.

I guess it still is a great place for late winter nights. Greater better for women who want to be out, alone at night. And, the 24/7 that we used to go to more than a decade back is still there. The place has a lot more life now than the late night grub place for too drunk and hungry folks’ place that it used to be.

So, our mental and social maps of cities can be so much different from what’s really going on out there.