Sunday brunch launched at Lodi Garden Restaurant

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This is one place that I really look forward to. Not just for the food, but the whole experience of walking around the ruins, working up an appetite and then walking into the restaurant.

lodi garden restaurant

Now that the winters are here, they have launched a Sunday brunch menu. You walk on the pebbles, sit outside in the lawns under the trees, or one of those canopies if you are not too embarrassed to ask (I always have been), listen to good music and let the week wear off the skin.

lodi garden restaurant brunch

Last Sunday, when I was there, the spread was extensive and the food good. There was something for everyone, red meat and fish, prawns etc to a salad and cheese bar. The main course was an eclectic mix of cuisines. A brunch at many places, these days, is as much about food as it is about show business. The dishes are so numerous that you always feel you have missed more than you have tasted. At Lodi, I can say with confidence that I did taste most of the items. And, satisfaction comes from having eaten your money’s worth!

live grill station lodi restaurant

The live grill station serves the pasta and seafood. It is difficult to write an item based review of a brunch, but don’t skip the pasta. I know good pasta is no big deal anymore, but give them a try.

bar at lodi garden restaurant

A good bunch is never complete without a good bar menu. Lodi has stocked up with beer, cocktails, wine, wine cocktails, sparkling wine and champagne. And, there are juices for the Jains.

lodi restaurant brunch delhi

Priced at Rs.1599 plus taxes, it does compare favourably with other brunch offerings in the city.

lodi garden restaurant Brunch Menu