The Amazing Pamir Knot

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Pamir knots is supposed to be an awesome spectacle. I will tell you the truth, I don’t care. What sort of a mountain is called a knot?

The only knots that I care about are the ones that I end up with in my pajamas that my wife buys for me. Since I was a kid, my sisters used to tie my shoelaces and every other knot that needed to be tied. During festivities, when I had to wear churidaar , I will wander around the house with the laces in my hands, pleading everyone to tie them up for me. Now, my wife does it for me, minus the pleading.

Yes, it is totally respectable and grown up behaviour. If you have any doubts, hold on to something strong, because I am going to throw you out of my blog right now.

But Sid learnt to tie his laces early in life and moved on to other sorts of knots. Like the Pamir. You know, there are a few ways of the nature. Mountains are seen from below, seas are seen from above. But Sid has been doing some unnatural stuff lately, not the sort you are imagining. Stop that thought right there.

If you have seen his Lake Balkhash photos, you already know that his love for the aerial. Now, that we are talking of unnatural vantage points, here is another awesome guy that you must check out – the Underwater Project by Mark Tipple. Before you dare click on that link and wander away, here are the awesome, breathtaking, motherblessing photographs of the Pamir Knots.


pamir knot

pamir mountains central asia

pamir mountains

pamir roof of the world


pamir knots

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  • Amit Agarwal

    Amazing! Indeed amazing!!

  • Siddhartha

    Thanks folks for the lovely words. Om gave these visuals an extraordinary perspective. i shall soon begin sharing with u all what motivates me to capture these nature’s natural in my small little black box. Cheers.

  • Breathtaking pictures…complete in awe…how did u manage to take it? wow!

  • aliasgarmukhtiar mukhtiar

    beautiful pictures