A CNG crematorium in Delhi

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For the first time, I will repeat title in the first line of the blog post – did you know there is a CNG crematorium in Delhi?

First of all, who needs a compressed natural gas oven?  We already have wood fired and electric ones!

Secondly, I drive a compressed natural gas fueled car, many of which have burst and burnt on Delhi roads. So, I am not smiling!

Thirdly, where is it? It’s at Nigambodh Ghat, they have all the three options there. It’s a bloody buffet!

Fourthly, are they cheap. They should be. I don’t know how much electric ones cost. The wood version is expensive though. It takes around 500 kilos of wood to completely toast a man. At five rupees per kilo that’s Rs.2500.

You see the proud price advertisement outside the CMG crematorium in the picture below – Rs.750. Given their entrepreneurial spirit, I won’t be surprised if there is another sticker below the price one in some days  – Buy one, get one free!

CNG crematorium at nigambodh ghat

If there is a limit for number of exclamation marks in a single post, this one totally deserves to be an exception!!

  • Ronnie Dogra

    my god…what was ur writeup about??? clearly u have no idea about the diff in cng in cars and a furnace of cng……wonder what u would choose to toast up….wood/electricity/cng….and brother nobody is smiling…..we and our children will pay the cost of the environment collapsing………..we r soooo close to it…….every bit helps.

    • I will still prefer the wood, please. A little carefree romance in the end.

  • Ajay
    • Sure thing,, Ajay, but unlike other times, this is not for the better future of the one using it 🙂

  • May be we need to keep a picture of crematorium on our tables just to remind ourselves that one day we are going to finish there, so better to live our lives today!