I am I & My other

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I am I,
I can’t be any other,
My parent’s son,
God’s creature.

And yet,
I am myself
And not myself.

I am my own,
And something other.

I have a sex,
It points to another,
I have a hand,
It holds an other.

I have a mouth,
It eats another,
I am a body,
And it’s me,
And something other.

My mind is me,
And yet not my own,
My life is me,
Though beyond my control,
My soul is I,
It’s inveterate other.

I try and listen to myself,
I try to see what I desire,
I make, I mend, I build, I speak,
I join one to another
I dissever.

I think and also think I think,
And my thought is my own,
Though not mine to command,
I say it if and when I may,
If it permits of being said,
Everything else is something other,
My thought must think,
If it is to think,
My thought and its thoughts are one,
And not the same as each other.

I am still I,
I can’t be other,
My parent’s son,
God’s creature,
I am I,
And my other.

  • MDF

    Wonderful! Made me think…

  • Siddhartha Joshi

    This is really good bigmouth…I really like it (and now a days I often skip anything with lots of text). I title intrigued me and I wasn’t at all disappointed 🙂

    • Thanks Siddhartha. I am sure your comment gives me more pleasure than my poem gave you.

  • zahra

    pretty deep poem. reminded me of:

    who am I?

    i am 1. a body, 2. an ego, 3. a mind, 4. a soul, and 5.
    a heart

  • Your poem begins by gently prodding the primordial question and advances enough to realize the inherent individuality of being. Great work here!

    • That’s high praise and I am sure I don’t deserve it. But thanks for taking the time to read and for the appreciation.