Old Delhi – Chronicles of a near-resident

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If you travel to a place which is less than 30 minutes from your home and write about it afterward, will that be called a travelogue? No idea. I went to Old Delhi on a photography trip for my wife’s doctoral thesis. We had the cheapest Sony Cybershot point and shoot camera and I am as good a photographer as the rickshaw puller who took us around. So, here it goes:

Turkman Gate

This is Turkman Gate, the southern entrance to Old Delhi. Being on the other side of Jama Masjid and other tourist spots, this is less frequented by travellers.

Holy Trinity Church

This is the sweet little Holy Trinity Church, within hundred meters of Turkman Gate and in the heart of a majorly muslim population. The church was built in 1905, as you can see below:

Trinity Church Centenary Stone

This is the centenary stone laid in 2005.

old houses in old delhi

Given the complex nature of politics here and the sad history of government intervention, things are left the way they are. An overbridge away from New Delhi is a very old Old Delhi.

old houses in old delhi

There are many houses and buildings like these. Recently, a few collapsed buildings and lost lives have forced the municipality to intervene.

Old Dlehi Craftsman

Old Delhi still highly populated by craftsmen, of all sorts.

Old Delhi Bead Shop

There are endless shops like these in the lane between Turkman Gate and Sitaram Bazaar.

old delhi bead shop 2

This is not a place for retail shopping though. These are warehouses filled with all sort of stuff that any one will crave. But you got to buy in bulk.

ear rings

This is sort of a community kitchen. You have guest coming, have a function or need to feed more people than you can cook at home for? You can place your order here by degh which is what the food is being cooked in below.

community kitchen old delhi

This is the blue masjid, which has quite an unique architecture when it comes to mosques.

blue masjid old delhi



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