There are a few basic ways in which the world operates. It’s in the nature of the world and it doesn’t tolerate anyone straying too far from these givens. One such instance is the fact that for every commodity, there is minority of producers and vast majority of consumers. We all produce different goods and trade or barter them so that every one gets what he wants. My concern with the social media is the way in which it forces all of us to be…Continue Reading “What’s so social about social media?”

Internet democratized the world like never before. Now, it seems internet will have its own version of democratic nation states too. The United Friends of Facebook, with more than 500 million users, will be the second largest democracy in the world, next only to the billionaire India. If Google counts every user – and eBay, every buyer – as a citizen, we will have a whole new global demographic. Like all things online, the interests, affiliations and goals of these groups will be knit tighter…Continue Reading “Can Facebook & Google claim to be the new nation states?”