All you can eat buffets are the holy cows in restaurant marketing. But what does it mean? All you can eat actually, emotionally and appealingly means all you want to eat. No one will stop you, no one will bill you extra for anything – you eat whatever and as much as you want to eat. But practically, you can’t eat as much as you want. You can only eat a little more than you generally do eat. So, you get the point. But we…Continue Reading “All you can eat buffet”

God created summer, man created the air conditioner God created winter, man created the heater God created mountains, man created dynamite Go created thorns, man created shoes God created flowers that perish, man created perfume God created the universe, man built the temples So, who is doing the proposing and who is doing the disposing, eh?

Quite a few mosquitoes, when you try to kill them, will fly high and away no sooner than your slap misses them. Some others are indifferent indifferent to the thunder and hover close to their point of attack nonchalantly, completely impervious to the assassination attempt. Eventually, just to state a matter of statistical accuracy, these daredevils are the ones that get killed more often. One might ascribe and diligence and commitment to their indifference. But then this commitment certainly kills!

Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and one of the major investors in Facebook, could have given you $100,000 if you dropped out of college. Of course, it is not that simple. You needed to be under 20 years of age and have a brilliant world changing idea that deserves a hundred thousand grand funding. Twenty fellows were chosen at the start of this year and the social experiment is well under way. At the heart of the debate is Thiel’s argument that too many kids…Continue Reading “How billionaire Peter Thiel can get your home loan application rejected”

Weekdays are easy. You wake up in the morning, go to office, do what you are required to do. When you return home, life is too bored to ask you any questions and you are too tired to dig any deeper. But on weekends, everything changes. Usually, the planning begins much earlier. While the plans may differ from weekend to weekend, the obnoxious and perennial questions remain the same. Who are you, really? On weekends, the time is yours. There are no compulsions to do…Continue Reading “How You Spend Your Sundays Defines Who You Are!”

Come on, tell me the truth. How many of you aspire to be liked? And, to be liked by friends! If your friends like you, I can bet you never get invited to parties. Girls use you to drive them to places but you have no idea how their place looks from inside. You get a lot of smiles but no hugs. No has been nasty to you but no one has ever told you a meaningful thing either. And, you have never been part…Continue Reading “Like is for losers. I want you to love me!”

The world is a beautiful place. But it takes a little time to get used to it every morning. Some people travel a little too far in their sleep and are disappointed when they keep waking up in the same place, day after day. It does not explain why I wake up angry. But it helps to know that I am not the only one. There are online forums dedicated to this horrible problem – there is a forum for every little thing, anyway –…Continue Reading “Why do we wake up so angry!”

My future looks bleak. That still sounds optimistic. It’s doomed, to be true. Generally, I am  not so pessimistic. But what are emotions in the face of hard, cold and pointed facts? Here are the findings from a study by Georgetown University which was later published at Fastcompany. People who have graduated in Psychology are right at the bottom of the heap when it comes to earnings. I have done my bachelors in Psychology. As this is my Bachelor’s degree, I will be making 42…Continue Reading “The new numerology. It’s depressing!”