Year 2050. God is dead, five of the greatest men on earth are called upon to find a solution. All from different eras, they meet virtually in chat room. Here is what transcribed: INTERNET CHAT ROOM: SUPER AVENGERS, YEAR: 2050 MAHATMA_PEACEMAN: Hello BARACKATTACK2008: Hello MAHATMA_PEACEMAN: Who are you? BARACKATTACK2008: The most powerful man in the world. who are you? MAHATMA_PEACEMAN: The guy who defeated the most powerful empire of the world. BARACKATTACK2008: So, you are a vietnamese? THEREALSUPERMAN: Guys, peace out, stop being juveniles and…Continue Reading “How to hire a god”

Chalo kisi kaa ghar jalaa ke dekhein, Kisi ka khoon baha ke dekhein, Kisi ke khwab bujhaa ke dekhein, Suna tha badi aag hoti hai diloen main, Chalo thodi phoonk maar ke dekhein.. Chalo kisi ki muskaan chheen ke dekhe, Ankhon me paani bharke dekhein, Suna hai badi jagah hoti hai diloen main, Chalo hum bhi thoda gham bhar ke dekhein.

July 26, 2008, Karachi Adeel Amin was coming back from his footwear shop in the Khadda market, when it happened. He flew from his bicycle and hit the wall of a restaurant on the other side of the road. Before he could get up or realise what was going on, the roof came down on him. His friends said he was lucky to have survived. His wife was glad he had survived, she had already offered a chadar at the dargah. His children were not…Continue Reading “On a visa & a prayer – A walk across two nations”

It’s a story from the times before long long ago, from a place that is farther than far far away. There were no men then, not even animals. Trees ruled the earth, protected the rivers and the mountains, cleansed the air and became the guardians of the planet. Idyllic as it may sound, it was a never ending war. There were destructive forces, such as fire, frost, asteroids and volcanoes, each more dangerous than the other. However, the worst enemy of the planet was a…Continue Reading “The Incredible Story of Cotton King, Dirt Lord & The White Light”

I am I, I can’t be any other, My parent’s son, God’s creature. And yet, I am myself And not myself. I am my own, And something other. I have a sex, It points to another, I have a hand, It holds an other. I have a mouth, It eats another, I am a body, And it’s me, And something other. My mind is me, And yet not my own, My life is me, Though beyond my control, My soul is I, It’s inveterate other….Continue Reading “I am I & My other”