The criminally innocent elitism of Sadhguru fans

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Okay, the universe wants me to write this. Second consecutive day that I am part of a conversation about sadhguru.

Both the times I am told that he speaks well. I am also told even if he killed his wife, he has inspired so many that his contribution outruns his crime. And, then the person goes on to say it must have been an accident.

I asked if the person also supports Asaram Bapu? So I am told rape is a heinous crime. Murder is not?

I remind that the guy is a lout and a thug. So, we debate how he can be a thug but not a lout.

I talk about the tribal displacements. I am told it is all about getting caught and the ‘the guy speaks well’?

How deprived are people of inspiration that any sham talk will do? Is there so little good in the world that a thug can inspire people? Do you even have a spirit if you spiritual guru is a criminal? Is he better than Asaram because he speaks good English? How stretchable is your ethics and morality if you can forgive all crimes if the guy speaks well?