Is Flipkart buyout a win for Indian startups?

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I don’t understand how Flipkart buyout is being seen as a Indian success story. One of the Bansals earlier said they want to become a global entity and also wanted to exit if the ever came to sell Flipkart off.

If acquisition was the goal, Flipkart could have done that long back. There was no shortage of lovers. If valuation was the goal, that has been achieved, partly. The share market does not think it’s a good deal and the Walmart shares took a hit.

Let’s celebrate the fact that the Indian unicorn would never become a Alibaba or a Amazon. Let’s celebrate when Ola is bought by Uber and call that a success too! The fact is in the Indian market, the biggest e-commerce sites are now American!!

The congratulatory stance taken by most in the startup ecosystem shows that our entrepreneurs don’t see beyond money and still don’t dream big. In this great dearth of aspirations, a sale and a surrender is victory.