Academic stool samples

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Let’s talk about stool samples. Not potty but academic ones. I passed out Delhi School of Economics some 15 years back. Did my masters in a lowly sociology and not the uply economics. But I learnt a lot and lot more than jargons.

I dropped using words such as liminal a decade back. I remember the parts about Dramaturgy and can quote parts from my most favorite book- The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life. But I gave up on the language because I was no longer in academics, I was talking and writing for people who never studied sociology as a paper.

Sociology has amazing concepts and I still apply those when I look at and write about things. But there is no need to pass the dictionary with every piece one writes. A techie who can talk about code and never about usability is like an academic who can’t drop the jargons – a stool sample of the education system, passing on undigested elements as nuggets of knowledge.