Launching 5G before fixing 3G

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I was talking to this startup owner. The signal was bad. So, we did the “can you hear me, shifted in our chairs, can you hear me now, walked ten paces, can you hear me now, yaaa, much better now” routine and then talked work.
He runs a solution that uses satellite imaging for crop monitoring. He recounted how he was on a webex call with his this other guy in Singapore and they did the same can you hear me, can you hear me and were relieved they could hear each other.

Yesterday, it was another guy in some advanced technology. We did the same routine and cracked a few jokes. He called me back and it worked. So, now we have this tech evolution parable: we all launch 5G before we even fix 3G.
It is like a railway line of technology, everyone too eager to move forward and no one remembers to lay the line correct. You know what happens next.